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Jack Fletcher



He grew up middle American. Decent family with most of the male side serving on the Force in one way or another. His Father died on duty when he was ten and that sent his mother into a spiral of drinking and depreciation. It would have been terrible for young Jack but for his Uncle and his Uncle's best friend. His Uncle took care of him as often as he could at home and his friend set him up at the best schools and made sure he had everything. Those best schools recruited him into their archery clubs and teams, he had a knack for the skill and a natural athletic talent. He left most of that behind when he joined the police force.

It didn't help that his Uncle was an enforcer and bodyguard and he worked for the Penguin and that his friend was in fact the Penguin. Later on Jack learned mostly where the money was coming from but this being Gotham you took what you could. He joined the Police force like his father wanted and very very quickly went up through the ranks. He is hoping to get the promotion for detective any time now.


Having Recently received his promotion he began working o the cases that would soon spawn the need for a Major Crimes Unit. He dealt with the a simple break in that later led to the Mad Hatter, he was on site and went toe to toe with one of the shooters in the Dent assassination attempt. Later on he ended up in the clutches of the Mad Hatter and his bank heist set up. Afterwards his career has not been the same.

Jack currently is on the trail of the Mad Hatter, the man who ruined his career. He is torn between clearing his name and sheer vengeance

Additional Abilities

- Jack has years of training in College in archery, although he has let the skill go by the wayside. - Ties to the criminal world through his Uncle and Mentor Cobblepot. - A better then keen mind when it comes to investigation.