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Bender Brothers

Bender Brothers
One of the Bender Brother twins, Jashanah and Jeblie.

Description Jashanah and Jeblie Benderkaupft are twin brothers who both wear black leather armor and each has a scraggly black beard beneath his bulbous nose. Their smiles look more like sneers.

Location Bender Brothers Boarding House in the Camp.

Backgrounds Unknown.

Other Information

  • Jashanah is the best cook in the Camp.


Bender Brothers

Description A large half-orc with scale mail and a scimitar.

Location Clantock's Furious Fourteen in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • Leader of the Furious Fourteen protection service in the Camp. His service is for caravans or travelers wishing to enter the Desolation.

Father Death


Description A hobgoblin who worships the god Nergal. He is dressed in hooded black robes and his face is painted bone white.

Location Chapel of the Dying Light in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • Head cleric of the Chapel of the Dying Light.



Description The wood elf is of small stature and has several tatoos across his face and arms. His dark hair hangs well below his shoulders and he has several ear piercings. He wears padded armor and carriest a well made shortspear and a club that looks as if it has seen better days.

Location Finn's Livery in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • Finn is the proprietor of Finn's Livery in the Camp.



Description Griswald is a ghast. His skin is quite pale and seems to be stretched tightly over his thin frame. He wears a threadbare but well-cared-for formal suit. A horrible stench usually preceeds the undead creature.

Location The Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • He pushes a wooden cart which he uses to collect corpses in the Camp.

Lucky Bjorc Balsam


Description While it doesn't seem as if he was ever a looker to begin with, his head is now hairless on the left side with a missing eye and ear and massive scarring there also. His right arm ends in a stump above the elbow, and his left hand has only a thumb and two fingers. His left leg ends in a ragged stump just below the knee, long healed, but with exposed bone at the end.

Location The Sip of Blood Tavern in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • Lucky is the proprietor of the Sip of Blood Tavern in the Camp.

Mama Grim


Description She stands almost 9' tall, has baggy greenish-brown skin and sickly, jaundiced-looking eyes. Her hair is a massive tangle of greasy black locks into which she has tangled bits of feather, bone, and assorted detritus. a goblin bear follows after her. The goblin bear is a giant creature that resembles a massive wolverine with a toothy snout, long sharp claws, and a reddish-brown pelt.

Location The Apothecary in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information For available potions and prices see the table in the Apothecary.

Midnight Peddler


Description The figure is swathed in a long, hooded robe of coarse, gray cloth. His face is not visible, though you can just make out the shape of a protruding lower jaw. The cart appears to full of all sorts of mundane items and junk, certainly nothing that appears to be threatening.

Location Encountered in the Camp and the Desolation.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

Upon purchasing a dead cod for 50 gp the peddler also gave this information in return:

Not only old dead guard Black Gates but something greater as well.
From blackest pits of pitch and bile a new guardian arose both foul and vile.
Beware his breath of clinging death.



Description Sammar wears the finely tailored, though travel-stained garb, of an official diplomat. The lyre crest of his tunic identifies his allegiance to Bard's Gate. He is middle-aged with only a touch of gray in his hair. The worry lines on his face seem to have deepened recently.

Location Bard's Gate Embassy in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

Simon the Hermit


Description Simon is a half elf. His head is shaved clean and he wears very plain clothing. He typically carries a finely made quarterstaff with him.

Location The Hermit in the Camp.

Background The half elf was an outcast in his human family and was given to a monastery at an early age. Upon reaching maturity he was turned out from the monastery and after a few years of wandering he ended up in the Camp.

Other Information




Location Skeribar's Ranger Guides in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

The Usurer


Description Leader of the Camp and also the Camp blacksmith.

Tall and lean with a great hooked nose and a wide mouth full of seemingly too many teeth fitted tightly together. A shock of pale hair covers his head and watery blue eyes look like two mirrors revealing nothing of what goes on inside the head behind.

Location The smithy in the Camp.

Background Unknown.

Other Information

  • Exchanges gold for iron bits.