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Size: Hamlet

Population: 355; Mixed (68% human, 10% orc or half-orc, 6% dwarf, 5% goblinoid, 3% halfling, 3% gnome, 2% elf or half-elf, 2% other races, 1% giant)

Government: Nonstandard (Modified Anarchy)

Authority Figure: The Usurer (moneychanger and blacksmith)

GP Limit: 100 gp

Assets: 1,750 gp

Noteable NPCs


The closest settlement of any size to the Camp is the free city of Bard's Gate that lies approximately two hundred miles to the south.


The Camp

Perched on the verge of the war-torn wasteland known as the Desolation stands a settlement of dire reputation. Known only as The Camp, this wretched collection of criminals and scoundrels, the desperate and the hopeless, all eking out an existence on the far fringes of civilization make this truly a place of new beginnings and horrific endings. Now things stir within the Desolation and call to heroes seeking secrets and treasures lost to the knowledge of men. The promises of reward dare the brave and the foolish both to seek their fortune in The Camp—out on the very edge of oblivion.



Note: The map graphic indicates a square to be 10 feet, but I have applied a new grid overlay which is in 5 foot sections.


Map Keys

Camp Entrance

Before you sprawls a pathetic collection of hovels that appear to be composed of whatever materials happened to be lying around. Here, a building that had an impressive beginning as a stone structure peters out a few feet above the ground where its walls become mud daubed sticks with bunches of straw stuffed into the chinks. There, wooden poles support walls of woven thatch and roof that is little more than an old hay tarp patched in places with tar. Beyond you can make out a ramshackle wooden structure, obviously the scavenged remains of several merchant wagons as evidenced by the axles and wheels still mounted at places on the outer walls and the hitching tongue protruding above the lintel and supporting a tattered awning.

The trail you are on proceeds straight through the center of this collection of dwellings and travels on into the dusty wasteland beyond, disappearing into the shrouding haze of windblown debris. In the center of the settlement stands an old gallows hanging far askew. A dark form turns slowly in the breeze, suspended from this leafless tree. Few people seem to be out on the hard-packed streets of this village, though you can see some activity to one side at an area of pole-supported awnings that appear to comprise some sort of shaded market.

Before you a scraggly buzzard perches atop an old plank sign. Crudely painted upon this placard is simply “The Camp”.

Area 1: The Common

This hard-packed dirt yard serves as the central focus of the hamlet. Its main feature is a bent, old gallows, crudely constructed and leaning with age. Dangling from this by a frayed rope is a desiccated corpse, its broken neck askew and its leathery face frozen into a rictus grin beneath empty eye sockets. Occasionally crows alight to peck at it. Nailed to its breast is a sign bearing the word “Cheater.”

Area 2: The Celestial Emporium

The Celestial Emporium

This strange market consists of dozens of tarps and coverings supported at random places and anggles by crooked or poorly repaired poles. This results in a haphazard tangle of poles at all angles and awnings at all Heights creating a shadowy maze punctuated by bright shafts of sunlight streaming through gaps. Within the hot, musty interior are simple tables and stalls set up to display wares.

Available Goods: All equipment and items from the core rule book priced 100 gp or less are available at the emporium. Other items from other source books may be available on a case by case basis.

Area 3: The Hermit

A simple wickiup of tree bark stands by itself here showing signs of greater care and attention than found elsewhere in town. Simon the Hermit lives here.

Area 4: Finn's Livery

An adobe house in very poor repair fronts a fenced paddock. A few broken down nags munch on the sparse grass within. A large barn of faded planks stands next to the crumbling adobe with a sign painted on its side in large pink letters stating that this is Finn’s Livery.

Area 5: Abandoned Camp

The remains of campfires, midden pits and tent stakes show that the camp was recently abandoned. An inordinate amount of garbage and stinking wastes show that the inhabitants were giantkind.

Area 6: The Sip of Blood Tavern

This old structure appears to have been rebuilt several times. The bottom third of the outside walls are of stacked fieldstones and apparently remain from the original building. Above that the walls and roof are a mud-splattered wattle and daub construction with numerous chinks through which tiny plumes of smoke escape. The placard above the door depicts a pointyfanged fellow about to take a drink of some dark, red liquid in a mug.

Area 7: The Usurer

This simple plank building is nonetheless of the finest construction in town. A wellcrafted stone chimney rises at the southern end, which boasts a well-fi tting door facing the Common. The opposite end sports a pair of sliding double doors that likewise face the Common. During the day, these doors are open revealing a well-equipped blacksmith’s workshop within. The other half of the building consists of the smith’s dwelling. A sign above the double door depicts a gray coin and an anvil.

Area 8: Well House

This building is unlike any other in town. Of tightly fitted mortared stone, it is obviously ancient but has weathered the years well. It consists of an octagonal building with a conical roof, also of stone. A stout wooden door—not the original—opens towards the Common.

Area 9: Skeribar's Ranger Guides

A collection of crumbling adobe buildings, lean-tos, and tents surround a patch of surprisingly healthy and bountiful garden. The mud-brick adobes are of obviously ancient construction and have many gaps in their walls and roofs covered by stretched animal hides and blankets.

Area 10: Chapel of the Dying Light

Spell Casting Price
Level 1 Spells 160 bits
Level 2 Spells 320 bits
Level 3 Spells 480 bits
Level 4 Spells 640 bits

Two round mud-brick towers connected at the base and roofed by stretched tarps form this building. The mud walls have been stained a charcoal gray, and a large skull and scythe above a setting sun have been painted on the door in red.

Father Death has access to all divine spells up to level 4 including the following spells from the wiki:

Father Death's spell casting services are at the costs listed to the left.

In addition to the standard divine spells, Father Death is also capable of casting the following spells:

Acolyte spell casting services are at the following costs:

Spell Casting Price
Level 1 Spells 30 bits
Level 2 Spells 60 bits

Divine scrolls can be purchased at the following costs:

Scrolls Price
Level 1 50 bits
Level 2 300 bits
Level 3 750 bits
Level 4 1,400 bits

Area 11: Bender Bros. Boarding House

This rambling plank structure appears to be comprised of the dismantled remains of dozens of freight wagons and other assorted scrap lumber. Stenciling above the door names it as “Bender Bros.”

Area 12: Bard's Gate Embassy

This is a sod house complete with thatched roof and fieldstone chimney. Deeply recessed windows are blocked by heavy wooden shutters. There are signs of recent repair to this structure.

Aera 13: The Apothecary

Potion Price
Dominate Animal 750 bits
Spike Growth 750 bits
Barkskin 300 bits
Summon Nature's Ally II 300 bits
Summon Swarm 300 bits
Warp Wood 300 bits
Calm Animals 50 bits
Charm Animal 50 bits
Entangle 50 bits
Magic Fang 50 bits
Speak with Animals 50 bits
Create Water 25 bits
Detect Poison 25 bits
Know Direction 25 bits
Stabilize 25 bits

An old, artificial mound rises 20 feet into the air here. Its sides are badly eroded from weathering, and a gaping hole opens in one flank beneath a heavy stone lintel. It has the look of an old tomb about it other than the garland of wildflowers and herbs hung around the door frame.

The home is a clutter of worktables, benches, drying racks, patches of growing mushrooms, and distilleries with the occasional end of a bone protruding through the dirt walls. One side is occupied by the fur-covered debris that serves as a lair for her two pet goblin bears. The entire place has a heavy, swampy stench to it.

Mama Grim has the potions on the left for sale. Availability and quantities may vary.

Area 14: Clantock's Furious Fourteen

This is a collection of hide tents clustered together around a rudimentary parade ground.

Area 15: The Undertaker

Out away from the rest of the Camp sits a long, low structure with a rounded roof composed of poorly cured hides lashed to sticks. A horrible death smell permeates the entire area, obviously emanating from the structure. This is the home of Griswald, the local undertaker.