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  System Summary
25 or more turns Homebrew Turn biased games that last past turn 25 should group together, it is possible.
9 Realms Misc a place of adventure
A Fractured Mind FATE A Fate Core RPG in a future setting
A Merc's Life: Legacy of Fire Pathfinder A Romp in the Sand & Rock of Lovely Katapesh (and Beyond)!
A Most Desperate Hour Star Wars SAGA It's the height of the New Sith Wars and the galaxy has been plunged into darkness...
A New Class Of Hero Misc A fourth generation of teen superheroes rises to protect the metropolis of Celestial City
A Ring of Keys DnD4e The World of Greyhawk, 576CY
A Saga of Sword and Flame Pathfinder A story of Betrayal, loyalty, way and salvation
A guide to the world of Aecho DnD3.5 It's not the stats that matter - it's how you use them
Adventures in Golarion Pathfinder New adventurers flock to the bustling seaside city of Parthacia, looking for other like minded souls.
Aerie DnD3.5 An ancient evil threatens the tenuous alliance between humanoid and dragon
Afon o Aur Burning Empires The Comoran core world Afon o Aur suffers a 3-way religious struggle and drastic economic downturn. Will the Vaylen successfully take advantage of this crisis?
Aftermath D20Modern Far in the future humanity clings to life on a decimated Earth. Welcome to the aftermath.
Against the Giants DnD4e Giants are raiding Troll's End and it's surrounds -- heroes needed
Agents of SHIELD nWoD Protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary.
Airship Pirates DnD3.5 A modified version of Eberron, about 100 years after the Last War. Technology has come along a bit.
Alavont GURPS A bronze age fantasy world of wizardly intrigue
Alva Sorgia GURPS An iron-age fantasy world
Amaril DnD3.5 A place where dragons are demons and true magic barely exists. Psionics, though? Full force.
Ancient Empires and New Frontiers DnD5e Three empires vie for control of the new world...
Ancra Caligo The Sci-Fi Approach to Fantasy; Infinite canyons, cliff cities, airships, firearms, and holographic world-editing 'magic'.
Angel City FATE A metropolis fit for superheroes
Animorphs FATE A homebrew Animorph hack for Fate Core
Arameah DnD3.5 A world of interconnected politics and trade, all on the edge of breaking down.
Archether Pathfinder The Archæther is a world of ocean and endless islands.
Arets Pathfinder A vast world besieged by political and armed conflict
Arreath DnD3.5 The island nation where legends of a people who were ripped from time exists
Ashfar - Drow Wars DnD3.5 An epic struggle against the lawful evil drow in the setting of Ashfar, taking PCs from 1st-30th level.
Ashmough DnD3.5 Three continents that shift power around
Azebron Misc Homebrew fantasy setting for Swords & Wizardry
Baenthresir DnD3.5 A classic dungeon crawl drawing on Norse mythology.
Ballandia DnD3.5 Medium fantasy world in the middle of it's second era of man. Middle Ages era technology in most areas.
Baruk Freeform Magic and technology were wiped from existence, leaving behind an empty, broken world.
Basic Adventures Misc Classic Dungeons and Dragons world using The Continental Map M-1
Battlefield Earth 2025 Misc After Second Impact, the world is ravaged by a three-way war.
Belis DnD3.5 An oddly shaped world recently in peace time, with elves and dwarves as the dominant races.
Beyond the Green Lands DnD3.5 The lands containing and surrounding the Reclamation of Emrinoc campaign.
Beyond the Vault of Souls Pathfinder Prospero's "Beyond the Vault of Souls" campaign
Big World DnD5e where a party of halflings travel beyond the pale to rescue kinsfolk.
Black Rose War Pathfinder The Ancar family stands as a shining example of nobility in Tradoria. A conspiracy begins to reveal itself and war threatens on the horizon.
Black Seas D20Modern A modern, viral zombie apocalypse set at sea.
Blighted Earth DnD3.5 300 yrs after extra-dimensional rift brought monsters and magic to Earth
Burning Logres Misc Burning Wheel meets Pendragon
Capital Darkness nWoD Urban fantasy set in a Dark alternate-world Canberra
Castlevania Homebrew Set in a Castlevania setting, players choose from several unique classes to battle with the forces of hell.
Charcon DnD3.5 A fantastical continent where the monsters rule outside of the walls of the twelve cities.
Chee's Files Dresden Files The global setting of my games, set within the Dresden Files universe
City of Eleriad Pathfinder A city where class is not just measured in levels.
City of Thorns nWoD It's not all roses in the Portland Freehold.
Clarion Call DnD5e A PbP campaign focused on OSR style wilderness exploration and mid-level domain play.
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