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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Water Droplet
Home Plane: Keirst's Plane
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: "{{{port}}}" is not in the list of possible values (Zeal, Writing, Woodlands, Women, Wives, Wit, Wisdom, Winter, Wine, Wind, Wilderness, Wild Beasts, Wetlands, Weather, Wealth, Water, Watchfulness, War, Victory, Vice, Vengeance, Vanity, Valor, Underworld, Undead, Ugliness, Tyranny, Truth, Trust, Tricks, Trees, Travel, Trapmaking, Thunder, Thieves, Theater, Territory, Tactics, Swiftness, Supreme, Sun, Suffering, Strife, Strength, Strategy, Storms, Stone, Spring, Sports, Spies, Spiders, Smithing, Sleep, Slaughter, Sky, Sight, Shepherds, Serpents, Secrets, Seasons, Sea, Running, Rogues, Roads, Rivers, River Hazards, Revelry, Retribution, Rebirth, Rain, Rage, Protection, Prophecy, Pranksters, Poetry, Planning, Passion, Panic, Pain, Orcs, Nobility, Night, Nature, Music, Murder, Mountains, Motherhood, Moon, Mirth, Mining, Metal, Mercy, Merchants, Men, Medicine, Massacres, Marriage, Malice, Magic, Madness, Luck, Loyalty, Love, Light, Life, Lies, Learning, Law, Kobolds, Knowledge, Killing, Justice, Judgement, Journeys, Jewelrymaking, Jewelers, Intrigue, Insects, Illusion, Husbands, Hunting, Humor, Horizons, Honor, Honesty, Home, Hearth, Hearing, Healing, Hate, Harvest, Halflings, Grief, Good Dragons, Good, Gnomes, Giants, Gemcutting, Gambling, Freedom, Forests, Foresight, Flora and Fauna, Fitness, Fire, Fighters, Fathers, Fate, Family, Exploration, Evil Dragons, Evil, Envy, Engineering, Endurance, Elves, Earthquakes, Earth, Dwarves, Dueling, Drow, Drought, Drama, Distance, Disease, Discord, Discipline, Destruction, Desert Storms, Death, Darkness, Daring, Dance, Crocodiles, Creation, Crafts, Courage, Conquest, Conflict, Communication, Common Sense, Commerce, Cold, Civilization, Cities, Chivalry, Childbirth, Chaos, Cats, Brawling, Birth, Beauty, Beasts, Bards, Balance, Athletics, Arts and Crafts, Artisans, Art, Archers, Arcane Knowledge, Animals, Air, Agriculture, Agility, Adventure, Abundance) for this property.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good
Domains: Good, Water, Healing, Law
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Keilae too was a woman of Eldai, who was meant to be taken by the hand of Keirst and be wed to him. After Atruos stole and slew her, it is said that Keirst created the beautiful white moon Keilae, named after her, as an undying vow to reunite with his love. Now she resides with Keirst in their hidden plane, wed for eternity to her love and now proving to be the gentler, kinder goddess to Keirst's fiery personality.