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Cray's Network

Cray's Network, officially the Cray Personnel and Good Temporal and Spacial Displacement System, is a series of domed chambers, known as Nodes, spread throughout towers across Eldai. Each domed chamber is run and operated by a conductor. Effectively, the chamber allows the conductor and up to several hundred tons of goods, or several tens of people, to travel across large expanses of land in but a few moments - for those using it. In reality, the chamber transports goods and people at a rate of roughly 100 miles in one hour. For those within the chamber and being transported, everything takes place in but a few moments. Upon arrival, the time that has passed is calculated by the conductor so that those who have used the chamber may properly adjust.

Archwizard Cray

See Full Article: Archwizard Cray

Archwizard Cray is the creator of Cray's Network, and is often praised as a magical genius for his work. Archwizard Cray, over the course of his many years alive, has slowly but surely linked almost every city with more than around 5,000 people in Eldai into the network. Archwizard Cray is one of the few mortals who understands fully all the magic behind the network and what keeps it from falling apart, and he keeps the secrets to his network well hidden. His vision for his network is to one day have it spread to all lands and nations, but for the moment Eldai has been the only land touched by his magic.


A Node is a domed chamber within a Teleportation Tower. Generally they are anywhere from 20 to 40 feet across, depending on their purpose and the size of the tower. Nodes are both the sending and receiving ends of a Jump. Each Node is assigned one Conductor, and that Conductor may seal their Node away from the rest of the Network if it is necessary. In the center of a Node is a single pentacle, in which the Conductor stands. Connected to this pentacle are any number of other pentacles that allows the Conductor to transport his cargo and passengers safely.

Teleportation Towers

The Teleportation Towers serve as the conduits for Cray's Network. Each tower varies in size and in how many Nodes it contains, but each tower is built in roughly the same style. The ground floor of a tower serves as a waiting lobby, a customer service terminal, and a loading dock for large cargoes. Stairs wind their way up through the floors of the tower, where the Nodes are located. There is generally at least one Node on the ground floor to allow for the transportation of goods that cannot be moved to higher floors. On each floor, anywhere from two to ten Nodes can be placed, and in Cray's Tower, roughly thirty Nodes are on each floor.

Generally, a Teleportation Tower can be found simply by looking up into the sky. Most towers tend to dominate the skyline of cities, making them easy to locate. Additionally, a Detect Magic spell can detect a Teleportation Tower from up to roughly 10 miles away.


For the prestige class, see: Conductor (class)

Conductors are men and women who indirectly serve Archwizard Cray. They are wizards of all specialities and backgrounds who have chosen to aid the people of Eldai in their quest to make the world a smaller place. Conductors serve two roles: that of the actual conductor, and that of a researcher. The first is nearly self-explanatory, in that the Conductor's primary role is to shuttle people and goods across Eldai. The second, the role of a researcher, is less commonly spoken of or heard about. During a Conductor's downtime, be it between Jumps or simply a day off of work at the tower, it is commonly found that they will bury themselves in tomes of magic, reading and performing magical experiments, trying to make the whole system of Cray's Network more efficient and more plausible across immense gaps, such as the oceans between Eldai and Dai-Drac.