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Nor is located to the east of Keatland in the western foothills of the White Mountain. The rocky bluffs and impregnable cliffs are a natural defense against invaders, which is in part why the kingdom has thrived. Norians are rustic people with a great sense of honor and loyalty to kin. Considered giants by most, Norians are tall and strong with broad shoulders and squared jaws. The Norian life revolves almost entirely around warfare. Despite the inhospitable landscape, the Norians are able to live with what little resources they have. Nor holds no alliance with any kingdom and often fight amongst each other.





A map depicting the borders of Nor in the year 675.
Nor is situated between the foothills of the White Mountains and the rolling plains of Hofland. In the northern territories, the land becomes a barren wasteland of endless tundra, while far to the south, the land opens up to plains and wet river-lands. Due to the nature of the Norian culture, the people tend to stay towards the center of their realm where the land helps to shield them from intruders. Norians live off what the land provides, which is not much.

Basic Values and Prejudices

Norians have a strange sense of morality and justice, which is often looked down upon by other countries that deem themselves more civilized. Norians have no written laws or codes of conduct, and have no means to enforce them in either case. If a man commits a grievous offense against another man, the matter is settled between the two--usually in the form of single combat. The victor will often take any possessions he wishes from the loser's household, including women and children. If any offenses are committed to the community, the oldest persons will deal out the agreed justice, which is usually flogging or dismemberment. Norians are free with their women and will often take many wives or lovers. It is thought no strange event if a man takes a woman in front of others.

Norians hold strong prejudices towards Keats and Velians, though in truth they do not get along with anyone. They respect Stromlanders for their independence, while they chide Lindens for fleeing from battle. On a personal level, Norians hold competent warriors in high regard and despise cowards and sluggards.

Child Rearing

Children in Nor are brought up to be self-reliant, living off the whatever the land affords. Young Norian males are taught warfare from the moment they can talk. Fathers take pride in teaching their sons how to use their own favored weapons. When male children turn ten years old, they begin sparring with other children of similar age. It is not uncommon for thirteen-year-old boys to accompany their fathers on raids.

Females are raised to be similarly self-reliant, though they are taught to serve males. Females are brought up to follow in their mother's footsteps and usually take on the family career.

Political Structure

Norians have a loose clan system where the local elders and land-owners make community decisions. Every year, in times of war, or during a great crisis the elders convene at a predetermined location to discuss nation-wide issues. In this meeting, local landlords can bring up complaints against neighbors, discuss local trade-feuds, or simply weigh in on certain matters. The meeting is a time where all the clans get together, feast, drink, trade, and discuss. Often times fights break out, but overall it is an event that is looked forward to.

Gender Roles

The males in Nor concern themselves with providing shelter, hunting big-game animals, and warfare. Often the males of a community will leave for months on a campaign to either extend their territory or steal wealth. Men in Nor are rustic and can be quite harsh. Loyalty is expected and seldom betrayed within one's family. Norian males are competitive and crude, with a crass sense of humor.

Women hold a lesser role in society than men, but they usually run the household. Females are not normally taught how to use weapons, though some older females have familiarized themselves with the sword. From childhood, females are taught how to forage, hunt, fish, tan leathers, farm, and even thatch on occasion. Because Norian males are constantly in combat, the women often have to learn how to run a household by themselves. It's not uncommon to see an entire village of widows and/or orphans.

Miscellaneous Information

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