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Just east of the White Mountains lays the kingdom of Stromland. From the great peaks of the mountain come many rushing rivers and wide streams, that make up the territory of Stromland. The Stromlanders are excellent boaters and fishers, living in small communities along the banks of these rivers. Because of the many waterways Stromland has been able to prosper in both combat and trade, being able to quickly transport supplies and goods up and down the rivers.





The geography of southern Stromland is comprised of vast wetlands that is given over completely to the farming of sprawling rice patties. Towards the coast the land breaks up to form swamps and bogs and countless leagues of marshland. The north, in the foothills of the White Mountains, great hills and mountains continue on for some time forming natural limestone ranges. There are many massive caverns formed from hundreds of years of erosion and varying river heights. Most of these monstrous caves have remained relatively unexplored, save for a few rock forests further east of the White Mountains. These rock forests are made up of thousands of lumbering limestone formations, corroded and twisted from years of excessive rainfall. Towering pinnacles and vertical gorges, mostly covered in rich foliage and trees, make up the impassible northern terrain. Central Stromland is comprised of mostly level ground and grassy knolls, the rivers and lakes are still prominent, though the land is sturdier and rockier.

Basic Values and Prejudices

Stromlanders are extremely superstitious about many things. This leads to an unusual set of values. Most Stromlanders do not dare commit crimes in fear of what the world may punish them with. They believe that even small offenses can have deadly consequences (either in this world or the next). Under normal circumstances Stromlanders are hospitable and kind, but during times of calamity they revert to their superstitions, suffering no strangers in their lands.

Because Stromland lays on the eastern side of the White Mountain, they do not normally come in contact with other kingdoms, save for the occasional pack of nomadic Quadans. Their closest neighbors, Norians and Lindens, usually do not threaten Stromland.

Child Rearing

Male children in Stromland are raised to learn a variety of things and are usually very skilled at all of them. Male Stromlanders excel at all things boating. Young males are instructed in the ways of sea-warfare and usually favor the spear over other weapons. They learn how to build sturdy shelters quickly when they are escaping annual flooding; they also learn how to construct small sea vessels by themselves in cases of emergency.

Females are raised to support the family structure, often as gatherers and seamstresses. Young females take pride in their stitch-work, often displaying and selling them in local markets.

Political Structure

Stromlanders have never had a single ruler, or uniting figurehead. Much like Linden, Stromland consists of a series of clans that only unite during times of war. Clans are led by the most competent of men, and are usually not elected. The followers of this chieftain are loyal and subservient to the death. The more famous a chieftain, the more followers he has and in turn, the more powerful he becomes. Clans very seldom fight amongst each other unless their is a personal dispute between two chieftains. And even then, the dispute is usually settled in single combat.

Gender Roles

Male Stromlanders are almost always proficient shipwrights, navigators, and explorers (though they tend to favor river travel). It is usually in the capacity of fishing that men provide for their households, though some choose other necessary careers. Stromlanders are fierce warriors with unique battle tactics, feared by almost every other kingdom. Most leaders and experienced warriors are marked by their skill in the sword and are considered extremely deadly combatants.

Females are the backbone of the family structure, responsible for most of the chores around the home. Mothers are also charged with raising any female children, while the fathers take their sons under their tutelage until they can work on their own. Women in Stromland don't often learn how to fight with weapons, but they can be very strong-willed.

Miscellaneous Information

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