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Role-Specific Abilities


Inspire Allies - Once a day the Leader can rally his allies into action, granting them +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls. The recipient must be able to hear the Leader in order to receive the bonus. Move Action.


Deadly Aim - Once a day the Archer can focus his skill to strike a particularly devastating blow on his enemies. Grants a +2 to attack rolls when using a ranged weapon. Standard Action.


Woeful Strike - Once a day the Fighter can muster all of his strength to combat his enemies. Grants a +2 to damage rolls when using a melee weapon. Standard Action.


Wilderness Lore - Once a day the Scout can concentrate his knowledge to aid him in the wilderness. Grants a +2 bonus to any wilderness related checks.

Action Points

Every character gets 1 + Level Action Points. You use Action Points to add a 1d6 to any roll at any time. You do not have to specify before the roll that you wish to use an Action Point. You can only use 1 AP a round, but you can trade an extra Action Point to upgrade your die. Example, if you have 2 Action Points, you may use both to give you a 1d8 instead of the normal 1d6. If you have 3 Action Points you can spend all three to give you a 1d10 instead of the normal 1d6.

At 5th level, the default 1d6 is bumped up to 1d8. At 10th level, the default 1d8 is bumped up to 1d10.