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It is believed that the Earda walked the earth long before man, and that they took the forms of animals. Most people in Rysylis only have a shallow understanding of the Earda, referring to them in times of need or when giving thanks. The Earda were created by Ylothea, who is believed to have taken the form of the sun. No culture in particular worships one Earda over the other, though individuals may favor one. Wayshrines and temples appear from time to time, but are not very common.


The Earda


The Sun; The Watcher; The One

Before the world existed, there was Ylothea. It is believed that he created all things and watches over them now in the form of the sun. Ylothea is the most commonly worshiped Earda, especially among farmers.


The Moon; The Keeper of Dreams

Working in junction with Ylothea, Eala guides the way for seafarers and helps shield refugees from unfriendly eyes. Sailors often worship Eala in the hopes of a smooth voyage. It is said that Eala has appeared in the form of a swan once before.


The Crow; Keeper of the Dead; Conflict

The sight of a crow to any in Rysylis, is accounted an ill-omen. It is believed that the sighting of a crow means someone has either died recently or will die soon. Possibly the most feared Earda is Rocas. Some worship him in the hopes of defeating an early death.


The Wolf; Lord of Nature; The Hunter

Varg is said to protect the wilderness, while at the same time balance the life therein. He is often worshiped by hunters and gatherers, though most people who are lost in the wilds will offer him a prayer of protection.


The Bear; The Mighty One; Courage

The fearless warrior and the champion of courage is, Bjoern. He is accounted the strongest of all the Earda. Mostly only warriors worship Bjoern, though he is also looked up to as a symbol of hope and freedom.


The Doe; The Messenger; Swiftness

It is believed that Carria is the bringer of urgent messages in the most dire times. It is said she appears in the form of a white hind. She is worshiped by few, though always looked for in times of great tribulation.


The Owl; The Wise One; Guidance

Accounted wisest of all the Earda is, Ulwel. He is called upon by those in need of guidance. Owls are rarely hunted in fear of causing bad luck to come upon the hunter. Ulwel is often worshiped by leaders and travelers.