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Hoflanders are the descendants of the Keats and Velians that fled east after the Keatish Civil War. They settled in the wide plains and meadows where animal husbandry thrived. Accounts tell of settlers launching campaigns into the northern hills where trolls were said to dwell. But such was there skill in mounted combat that they were able to drive back the trolls to the desolate north. They are a proud, yet simple, people who put duty above all else.


Physical Description

Hoflanders are tall and lean, with golden or brown hair that is kept long, sometimes plaited, sometimes unbound. Their bright blue or green eyes have a piercing quality to them, and indeed they are said to have exceptional vision in the dark and can see long distances. Their faces are simple and rustic with mouths that are quick to laugh and lips use to smiling. Both men and women prefer bright colored garments and wear simple, almost uncouth, jewelry or decoration. The young men keep short beards, while the older men keep long, plaited beards.

Racial Package

All Hoflanders receive the following modifiers and bonuses.

Ability Scores

Through the art of husbandry, Hoflanders have developed a patient and kind demeanor, but they are not the most learned of people.

  • +1 Charisma
  • -1 Intelligence

Background Trait

  • Nomad
Your people have wandered the steppes on horseback, going where the pleased, robbing, herding, and conquering as they saw fit. You were born in the saddle.
Mechanics: You gain a +2 bonus to all Ride checks, as you have spent more time on horseback than on your own feet since you were born. In addition, select one of the following trait abilities:
Cavalry Warrior: You learned to fight in the saddle from an early age. Given enough time to form a bond with your horse, you fight with deadly efficiency. If you spend more than two days with a normal horse, it counts as a warhorse while you ride it. You gain a +1 bonus to attacks when fighting from horseback with a horse that you have ridden into combat for at least one week and two battles.
Horsemaster: Under your care, a horse becomes stronger, faster, and tougher than normal. Through a combination of exercise and training, you grant any horse that you own for more than a week a +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. This bonus fades if the horse leaves your possession for more than a week. Only one horse can gain these benefits at a time.

Favored Class

Hoflanders are skilled warriors, often acting in small, quick groups. They favor speed over strength and rely on their horses to move them quickly.

  • Harrier