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Stations Logs

Officers are required to maintain a station log of their activities. This is to inform officers on other shifts of any change in SOP.

Ship Duty Stations

On small ships, officers may be responsible for more than one duty station.

Commanding Officer (CO)
aka Skipper
Responsible to see that the ship carries out its missions.
Executive Officer (XO)
aka Exec, aka Number One
Responsible for crew deployment and training.
Chief Engineer (EngO)
Responsible for maintaining and repairing the ship’s systems.
Chief Security Officer (SecO)
aka Weapons Officer
Responsible for all aspects of the ship security.
Science Officer (SciO)
aka Operations Officer
Coordinates mission requirements with ship operations.
(At the time of TNG, the Science Officer was rename to Operations Officer.)
Chief Medical Officer (MedO)
Responsible for the crew’s health.
Helms Officer (HelmO)
aka Pilot
Responsible for ship’s movements and insuring it doesn't hit anything.
Navigation Officer (NavO)
Responsible for plotting the ship’s course within the laws and SOP.
Chief Communications Officer (ComO)
Responsible for all aspects of communications.
aka Boatswain
Highest rank petty officer of the crew. Responsible to see that orders and SOP are carried out.
Master At Arms
Petty officer responsible for law enforcement, regulating duties, security, and force protection.