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Star Fleet Ranks


Career Paths

Star Fleet has three career paths.

For officers of equal rank, those of command path supersede those of engineering path, which supersede those of science path.

  • Command path (gold shirts)
  • Engineer path (red shirts)
  • Science path (blue shirts)

Star Fleet may require civilian specialists for some of its missions. To avoid confusion, they are requested not to wear shirts of gold, red, or blue when on board.

Star Fleet Ranks


aka Flag Ranks

Grand Admiral (GAdm)
aka Commander-in-Chief
Deployment¹ rank for Chief of Star Fleet Operations.
Fleet Admiral (FAdm)
Admiral (Adm)
Vice Admiral (VAdm)
Rear Admiral (RAdm)
Commodore (Comdr)

Senior Officers

Fleet Captain (FCapt)
Captain (Capt)
Commander (Cmdr)
Lieutenant Commander (LtCmdr)

Junior Officers

Lieutenant (Lt)
Lieutenant Junior Grade (LtJG)
Ensign (En)
Midship Officer (Mid)
aka Middy, aka Snotty
Deployment¹ rank for cadets' training cruise.


Cadet, Honors (CdtH)
Deployment¹ rank for outstanding performance.
Cadet, 4th Form (Cdt4)
Cadet, 3rd Form (Cdt3)
Cadet, 2nd Form (Cdt2)
Cadet, 1st Form (Cdt1)
Cadet, Probationary² (CdtP)
Disciplinary rank.

Warrant Officers

Fleet Master Chief Warrant Officer (WO-5)
Between Commander and Captain.
Master Chief Warrant Officer (WO-4)
Between Lieutenant Commander and Commander.
Senior Chief Warrant Officer (WO-3)
Between Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander.
Chief Warrant Officer (WO-2)
Between Lieutenant Junior Grade and Lieutenant.
Warrant Officer (WO-1)
Between Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade

Petty Officers

Petty Officer Major (PO-7)
Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer (PO-6)
Command Master Chief Petty Officer (PO-5)
Master Chief Petty Officer (PO-4)
Senior Chief Petty Officer (PO-3)
Chief Petty Officer (PO-2)
Petty Officer (PO-1)


Crew Member, 1st Class (C1c)
Crew Member, 2nd Class (C2c)
Crew Member, 3rd Class (C3c)
Crew Member, Recruit (CRcrt)
Training rank.
Crew Member, Probationary² (CProb)
Disciplinary rank.


¹ Deployment ranks are acting ranks until the end of deployment.

² Probationary ranks are assigned when someone messes up royally but has enough redeeming qualities to deserve a second chance.

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