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The city of Eras stands alone. Once, long ago, it was the capital of a kingdom, sprawling and prosperous. People would come from all around for the excitement of fairs and celebrations, the riches of the market, the secrets of the libraries. But no more. The King is ill, the Queen dead. For years cities have been sinking back into the earth, reclaimed by nature like a great swamp devouring the dead. The lands are forest now, the old buried like corpses beneath dirt. The people of Eras are alone in the world. They begin to believe in ghost stories, rumors. Some believe there are people out there, malicious souls vying for the destruction of civilization. Others that the gods have turned their favor to lands across the Great Sea. The King knows, but he is too sick to act, too sick to tell. Somewhere in these lands is an answer, and you're going to need one damn good search check to find it.