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The Crimson Veldt consists of six principalities. Over the centuries, each has vied for control of the entirety of the Veldt, but no attempt has been successful and the majority of the intervening years have passed under an uneasy peace.


  • /Astan, mineral-rich farming nation in the southwestern corner of the Veldt
  • /Merui, trade crossroads of the central Veldt with indigenous logging, mining, and ranching industries
  • /Aetan, tribal southeastern nation responsible for most of the Veldt's horses and cattle
  • /Sudren, southernmost nation and an odd conglomerate of sailors, loggers, farmers, and elves
  • /Kragren, occupying the mountainous northern reaches and jointly ruled by men and dwarves
  • /Elui, the expansive desert east of the Veldt, a mysterious nation of roving caravans, oases, and gleaming sandstone towers

Other Significant Locations