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Wavermoth Index

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Wavermoth is an odd place. It itself is a plane of existence and not technically a part of the material plane, though it is similar. Wavermoth is in fact a Greater plane. It is a greater plane by the fact that it itself has several smaller planes tucked inside it which are only traverse-able from Wavermoth and back. However there is one set back to this. You can get TO Wavermoth from ANY other plane [Treat it as a plane connecting with every verse where planar travel is possible] but you cannot leave it save to travel to the planes tucked inside.

It is a place that holds many dangers as well as many places of sheer comfort and bliss. The adventurer never finds himself bored or thinking " This is to easy" He is constantly finding new ways to get himself into deeper trouble. And lone adventurers soon change their tune and find friends, especially while on Kirrandas.

Wavermoth is also a land of few Magic users since the culling. The magic users that have been born since die at an early age due to power influx during a failed casting. If however the source of the Magic impediment could be destroyed the world might see more of their kind once more.

If you Like what you see Continue on Brave reader. You never know what you will find down in these pages.

{OOC note} On the top of the page are all the links to the relevant "Mechanical" junk. Yes I consider Gods and pantheons Mechanical. Tread lightly there the rules that go in accordance with those things are not for the faint of heart or those that like to find ways to break a game. Powergamers would have a nerd-gasm at a single glace of the arcane boosting rules. These variant rules are for flavor and RP. Not to break the game even further than they already have. I realize what can be done with those rules and yet i leave them. Why? It lets me Weed out powergamers from my midst that want the most powerful thing since an upper cube level god. They are there if you wish to Try them out. Feel free to tweak them as you wish and if you do and find that a certain tweak works wonders in a game let me know.

  • Valeiru on Mythweavers. Thank you for reading my OOC jibber jabber. Now lets get on with more fluffyness! ( Warning some of it is not fluffy.. it is spiky and mean and cruel and might make Ravenloft cry ...or not. I have heard Ravenloft stories that curl even my hide )

Wavermothian Timeline of Playable Eras

Here is the basic time line, ending in present day.

The True Beginning (2000 PC)-->War of the Titans (500 PC)--> The Culling--->The Birth of the Living Spell (100 AC)-->Awakening of the Ancient God (3000 AC)-->Present day (5689 AC)

Wavermoth continents and landscapes

( Any maps to come will be made with Wesnoth )


Map of Kirrandas

Time line for Kirrandas

The True Beginning (2000 PC)------>The birth of the Shades (1500 PC)--> The birth of the Savage Weres (1200 PC)--->Birth of the Elves (1050 PC)---->Birth of the humans (900 PC)--->The Savage Shades attacked the humans (850 PC)-->The peace between Shades and humans(835 PC)-->The Elves join the treaty (785 PC)-->The Werewolf War (685 PC)-->The birth of the first vampires (670 PC)------> The Culling---> The birth of the living spell (100 AC)---> The creation of the Drawing Mists (5189 AC)--> Present Day (5689 AC)

Kirrandas is what the rest of Wavermoth calls the Dread Continent, for it is here that the scariest, vilest, most horrific beings dwell. Only the most powerful adventurers travel these lands, for this is where the Culling happened, where the Gods and Goddesses waged their war against each other and broke the world.

Kirrandian history and way of life

The Beginning

Kirrandas, when it was made, was a lush forested place with sweeping plains and grass fields, but that quickly changed due to the denizens this beautiful continent bore. Kirrandas was first home to humans who knew how to treat the land and tend it. They lived in small farms and were happy enough. Then, from the northern swamps, came what are now called "Shades". The Shades at that time were not the docile creatures Kirriandians used as laborers. No, they were something different. These shades were bloodthirsty beasts and could take what they wished from the humans. They were strong and fast as they are today and they came from what are still called today "The shadow mire swamp".

The humans eventually learned how to defend against these shades and slew several of them, which scared the shades. They were old and powerful things supposedly born from the droplets of an old god's blood; they, in their primitive minds, were immortal. When they found a race that could best them, they submitted themselves to slaughter. The humans would have none of it. They proposed that the shades help them with their work in exchange. The Shades took to this idea all too happily. They were treated well, fed fine meats and wine when they wished. For supposed slave laborers, they were and still are treated very kindly.

50 years after this agreement between the two races, a new race appeared on Kirrandas. The Elves there were forest folk. There were no grand cities, no grand towers; they lived in trees and had walkways throughout the forest. The Elves had been watching the humans and Shades, wondering what they were doing on their continent, though their Elders knew that the Shades were here long before the humans or even the Elves. The Elders sent emissaries to the humans and Shades, wanting a meeting and perhaps an alliance. The elves had recently felt a disturbance from the small mountain range inside their forests. The humans and Shades agreed with open arms; to have a new ally on this continent were they thought themselves alone was a grand thing.

This alliance continued for a hundred years until the appearance of the rest of the Darklings. (Darklings are Shades ,Werewolves, Vampires, and any manner or corporeal or incorporeal undead)

The Age of the Darkling

For one hundred years there was no war, no suffering save for a small bit of disease. And then it happened. The mountain in the forest which the Humans had started to call "Hell's Breath", because there had been smoke coming from that mountain almost constantly for years, erupted with a loud pounding. This pounding was not like an explosion; it was the sound of one hundred thousand war drums being beaten at the same time from atop the mountain range. These drums were being beaten by the werewolf clan "Sibalhallau (Renders of Deep Stone)", the clan had watched the goings on above their world and were sickened by the humans and their weakness. The werewolves launched their assault on the humans, their hides clad in steel armor, something the humans had not seen before.

The humans barely had time to assemble even a tiny resistance and were overthrown quickly. More than half of them were killed without question and the other half were thrown into shackles and corralled into a makeshift prison camp. The shades, however, would have none of this slaughter and fought the werewolves on even ground, killing 1 for every two humans that were killed at first. Then the werewolves sent their archers. The shades could not stand against an army and surrendered.

The werewolves were then attacked from the rear by what seemed to be an elite force of elves. Their arrows rained down upon them like a torrent and decimated most of them, however the werewolves' true force was not released yet. The alpha wolves, a pack of dire werewolves 1000 strong, came bursting through the forest and tore through the elven archers like tissue paper. The elves were forced to retreat deep into their forests where the wolves dare not tread. The elves would remain in those forests for centuries. Never truly heard from again.

After they had beaten back the elves the werewolves returned to the prison camps in force and proceeded to bring each human before the task master forcing them to swear allegiance or die. What the humans weren't aware of was that they were also being made slaves to these werewolves. The terrible realization did not occur to them until a month later when they were forced to build a new city on the northern border of the forest.

The Werewolves called this city "Koraderras": The Darkling capitol. After this city was built, however, something occurred.

15 years after the completion of the city the werewolves had begun "Farming" the humans and shades. Both races, they found, were delectable sources of food and labor. However these "Farms" brought on a special kind of attention. The undead kind.

A few months went by and humans began dieing mysteriously. The werewolves shrugged it off as cubs getting hungry and going a tad feral. It wasnt until one of them came up from the dead state and attacked the gravedigger, who was a full werewolf. When the werewolves saw this they began guarding the humans more closely.

It was several weeks into this "Epidemic" That the true nature of this transformation in the humans was seen. A group of werewolves toying with their slaves had made them eat shade meat. The humans did not know what it was at the time and thought it to be horse meat so they ate it quite readily when offered. However the shade blood within the meat over powered their own and killed them, or so it seemed. They had in fact been changed into a new creature. Their own blood was corrupted and slowly killed their bodies but the shade strength powered their souls forward. This created a thirst for life sustaining blood, and as they drank they grew less savage and more sane. When the first of them reached a level of sanity to the point he could speak once more he made his way to the royal chambers of the castle. The guards detained him but only in numbers. The Alpha wolf, Gergrin, had more kindness in him than the other wolves, though he did not let them see it. He snarled at the guards to let this man go and bring him to his chambers. The werewolves knew there was nothing 'alive' on this continent able to fight Gergrin one on one and live, so they did as told.

While in his chambers, Gergrin talked to the new creature, curious to what he was. The new creature didn't even know himself, they talked for what seemed like a day. During this time, Gergrin began calling this new creature "Lord". When asked why, he told him that he was the first of his race to speak, as well as the strongest, so he was to be crowned lord of his race. As they continued to talk, Gergrin called up his scholars to devise a name for this new race. it took them several hours to label them "Vampires".

The new Lord liked this name and said it fit well, and that he had decided upon a new name for himself: Theradas. Gergrin smiled and greeted him with his new name and title, telling him to gather up his race so that they may be counted and added to the land as people instead of monsters. After they were all made sane again by being allowed to feed on the human slaves, they were given a place on the counsel and an addition to the city was made for them to live and expand their race.

And so it was. The vampires and werewolves held a steady alliance that would last so long as Theradas, Lord of all vampires, and Gergrin, the King of the Werewolves, would exist.

This happened more than four thousand years ago. And yet they still live on together in a peace that exists only because of Theradas and Gergrin. There are those today that in both factions believe they they should rule the land alone and lord over the other, but Gergrin and Therdas keep most of them quiet. However, there have been a few rebellions in the past, which were stopped only by the combined might of the vampire and werewolf armies.

Kirrandian Customs and lifestyle

Kirrandians mainly live in the city of Koraderras since the plague of The Drawing Mists hit 500 years ago (Detailed Below). The outlying "Shade farms" are far from the talons of the Drawing however, so they may run throughout the year unhindered. There are, however, settlements and small havens across the continent in various places.

In Koraderras, the customs haven't changed since it was built. Humans are slaves. Raised and sold in buildings called kennels. They have varying purposes, and you can find a slave to serve ANY purpose. The purpose they were trained for determines price. (Pricing table up to GM if GM allows it). Once every three months, there is a grand auction for some of the most "special" slaves to be sold. Some have not been trained for anything and are blank slates for those that prefer to train the slave themselves.

Humans may become free by one of two ways: winning a Freedom Match set by their master in the arena and weeded through for at least a portion of fairness by a counsel. To gain this kind of match, the slave simply walks up to the master and slaps him once vary hard in public and demands a freedom match. This cannot be refused. A slave that wins this match becomes feared. These matches are often unfair and favor the master heavily. A human that wins this wins a bounty equal to his former owner's wealth, and a home for himself. The right to kill any Darkling who wrongs him is also his for as long as he is able to follow through on it.

The second is if the master frees the slave of his own accord. This is the least likely way, though the most respected. A free slave of this sort becomes a noble in their own right. A home and money are gifted as well as freedom to show respect for the new human noble. This has happened only once in the history of Kirrandas.

In Korraderas there are several noble families among the werewolves and vampires still respected by the city and monarchy, though finding the true members can be hard as there are a great many pretenders. These family names are as follows:

  • Vampire Noble Family names (Age of oldest living member)
    • Motierre (245)
    • Gevestalli (657)
    • Jerasanti (876)
    • Terehasanda (6359) {Theradas's clan}
  • Werewolf Noble Family names (Age and Rank of Oldest member)
    • Hungralla (153 Alpha Wolf)
    • Sevaras (341 Pack Warden)
    • Thistlemane (6789 Grand Alpha) {House of Gergrin himself though he will not admit it}

The noble families are some feared, some respected, and others still are not even regarded.

The Continent of Brevis

Time-line for Brevis. The True beginning (2000 PC)-->The Birth of the Titans (1500 PC)-->The Birth of the Brevisian races (900 PC) -->The War of the Titans (500 PC)-->The Culling-->The Birth of the Living Spell (100 AC)-->The Creation of the Drawing mists (5189 AC)-->Present day (5689 AC)

The Continent of Brevis. The Isle of the Tragic comedy. The reason it is called as such is because 6189 years ago The Continent shook with the mighty steps of war caused by the Titans. And yet all these years after it has happened the Halflings and Dvati Still put on plays of mockery about the entire thing. For you see it was a simple band of 4 (Technically 5) Adventurers who ended the war quite easily, but you shall read more on this later.

Brevisian History

Brevis. Ahh sweet Brevis Home to the many grassy plains all surrounded by mountains on all sides of the continent save for one. The East side of the continent is clear with sandy beaches and warm ocean waters. Nor originally This entire Continent was home to a single small village of Giants known as Titans. Now These titans were tribal and Revered a god not a soul that ever met a titan has heard of (The Ancient god).

The Titans were the first race to see the land of Brevis, an in all of its beauty they saw in the world a magic. This magic was the very essence of life that they were created with, when in truth they knew of the Ancient god and his work on the plane they also knew their creation was a byproduct of his creating another race somewhere they could not see.

The Titans Were oddly Fully aware from the very first. A Highly intelligent race Born of the earth and its might

Brevisian way of life


Liberums Timeline is indecipherable as any and all history of the continent has been destroyed.

Liberum: the name may trick you into believing it is a free continent, however the human slaves of Kirrandas have more freedom. The people that inhabit this continent must force themselves to show little to no emotion. What would normally be a happy day anywhere else, such as a birthday or celebration, is a gray, somber, and dreary day in Liberum, just as any other. The Inventor keeps this continent on lock-down with his lust for mana. His army of brainwashed Ferreum Inhumanus numbers in the tens of thousands. The fact that they are also far spread from the other two continents in Wavermoth only adds to the helpless feeling that the citizens have.

There is one shining hope of a city, however, built by Titans and called Cloudreaver Keep, though the citizens who inhabit it simply refer to is as Titan's Keep. Its walls are enchanted with ancient stone, repelling any hostile attack. Getting to Titan's Keep can be difficult, but many brave the journey in hopes of finding freedom. Inside the city, bustling bazaars and rowdy taverns abound in the Common Quarter. Most people never leave this quarter, for it is so vast that they believe it to be the entire city.

After a day or so of walking, you would find the Guardian Quarter. This is where the main, now abandoned, barracks resides. Once inside, you would find it monolithic, as it was built for a Titan armada. The building itself would rival most kings' castles, and any equipment you would find inside is too large to carry. This is now home to a gang of thieves that call themselves the Sky-runners.

The Sky-runners are not your typical band of pilferers and thugs. They are more akin to your Trader's Guild. They ensure that the goods the city needs get in and out, and that trade within the bazaars stays fair. They also act as the city's militia, ensuring that the taverns don't get too rowdy, and settling any trade disputes, albeit in a roguish manner.

There are also rumors of an abandoned Titan forge in the mountain range to the north. This mountain range is called The Spines of Salraka.

Special Things, Beings, and Creatures in Wavermoth

The Culling

The Culling Was a Grand and Terrible Occurrence long ago.

The Gods Had a Grand War between them. Not a single one on the others side. It was as a War between countless nations in the sky. The world was set asunder and was forever changed.

The Culling left the Pantheon of Gods Nearly Destroyed with none but a small few left to reign.

Only 4 gods did not join. The god of death a nameless Reaper behind his cowl. The Ancient god And only because he was sleeping. And the other two have been Dormant since the Culling not wishing to reappear since.

The Culling Opened the doorway for the Living spell to be created from the essences of the gods of magic and lore. (More below)

The culling also created the Darkling veil over most of Kirrandas which makes more than 75% of Kirrandas even during the day shadowy illumination at best. There is only one place in Kirrandas free from the Veil and no one that doesn't live there knows about it.

The Drawing mists

These mists were created 500 years ago. By whom? Not a living soul today knows. They only know that these mists are Deadly. Only 3 people who have entered them have come out. And two are thought to be dead by those that knew them before their journey.

The mists Travel Wavermoth in a slow fashion. Effecting A continent for three months at a time. Though not the entirety of said continent. Kirrandas Has a small mountain Range and Plot of forest unaffected by the mists. The forest seems to be Protected in a way by these mists and even from the Unnatural Veil of darkness that effects nearly the whole continent.

The drawing mists are a funny thing The Rules for them Should be used lightly and as a Roleplaying mechanic only. Do not attempt to Create a fight inside the mists and do not attempt to conduct much of anything but moving through them inside the mists. It is ultimately your choice But be warned The mists are tricky and difficult to manage. And your Characters might end up killing each other.

Entering the mists

Upon Entering and breathing in the mists The players will Automatically be trapped under the Strong illusion of the mists. This illusion is brought in through absorption of the skin or breathed in through the lungs. If a character has neither then they are unaffected.

Players are allowed NO saving throw for the initial Illusions. These Illusions affect them on a personal level. First their Comrades slowly dissipate then one or two will reappear. These will be the Illusory Shadows the mists use. They are Nearly 100% real and use things from the characters mind. If a character has feelings for another one The Illusions will try to use that. If they are easily frightened by certain things that will happen. These Illusions will also speak to enhance the experience.

After the First Illusion session is concluded. This includes one or many actions and a few words or sentences from the Illusion. Characters are allowed a Saving throw to disbelieve the Illusion. The DC formula is as follows. 10+Character level(Max 10)+5. This is a will save. If the subject fails they loose double their Con mod in HP, if the mod is negative They loose their Con Score in HP. The saves are recurring each round. This lasts until they fall unconscious or pass their save. Once you pass your save you no longer need to make a save while inside the mists.

If a character passes their Save They will Hear a loud Screeching in their ears "WHY?!?! WHY MUST THE LITTLE FLESHLING RESIST!!!" a DC 16 fort save or be deafened for 2 rounds. After this whether Deaf or not they See Flashes of Black Cloaked creatures Moving around them. Their companions are not revealed to them until all of them pass their saves or fall unconscious. Unless They are touching one another this cannot be avoided by any means Even True seeing will not penetrate this mist, And even touching only allows from them to know they are touching something they still cannot see their companions.

Even after a Succeeded save Character lose HP at 1HP/per hour they are within the mists.

Reentering the mists

When someone survives entering the mists and leaves it and then by some Stroke of horridly Evil luck manages to get back into them They will Receive a Free Saving throw to Remember the Illusions of before and be unaffected. However if he fails he must go through the process over again.

The Living spell

The living spell was created After the Culling When the Essences of gods were running rampant through the cosmos. As it was the 4 gods of magic were destroyed almost simultaneously by each other. And so it was that their essences fused together to create the living spell after a century of forging itself it became sentient.

The living Spell is a Source of pure Wild magic and its presence here in the world Creates a magical disturbance. And while alive All magic Shall be impeded.

The Remaining and Now current Gods Do not Bother the Living spell out of fear or in the Ancient gods case Not caring. The living Spell however guards its only way of truly being defeated. The Gemmite mines. That Gemmite is a rare thing is only made worse by the Spell. He guards and wards the only large Gemmite mine known to the Denizens of Wavermoth. Which is immensely large. Able to connect all three continents of Wavermoth.

{OOC Note} The Living Spell is the Reason why before almost EVERY spell cast you must make a concentration check to see if it worked. IF! somehow your Players manage to kill it. The concentration Check will be gone.

Living spell sheet

This ia a Slight representation of The living spell. Im not great at making these so Bear with the possibly messed up math.

Living Spell (lvl 11) CR 15

Living Spell (Gallanamash - Galla-NOM-osh)

N Huge Ooze

Init +2, Senses Listen +2; Spot +2; Blindsight 60'

AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +8 deflection, -2 size)

hp 142 (15 HD); DR 15/Gemmite

Immune poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, stunning, critical hits, flanking; SR 25

Fort +17*, Ref +15*, Will +15*

  • includes +8 resistance bonus

Spd per spell

Melee Slam +13 (1d8+6) plus Flenzing as the spell

Base Atk +11; Grp +23

Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Special Actions Spell Effect, Engulf DC 22

Abilities Str 18 (+4), Dex 15 (+2), Con 18 (+4) Wis 15 (+2), Cha 18 (+4)

SQ Ooze traits (Mindless, blind)

  • - Though it is capable of speech

Feats –

Skills –

Environment-The Gemmite Caves.

Organization-Solitary and Hostile.

Treasure None on body. Countless riches in it's lair

  • Spell Effect (Su) – A creature hit by The living spell or engulfed by it is affected by the Flensing spell as well as the Lightning bolt spell; Pain and trauma Deal 2d6 damage 1d6 con and cha damage Fort Halves/negates for up 4 rounds and 15d6 Electric Damage Reflex halves
  • Engulf (Ex) – The living spell can flow around a huge or smaller creature as a standard action, moving into opponent's space; Opponent gets attack of opportunity or a reflex save of DC 22. If save is made, opponent is pushed back or aside, otherwise opponent is considered grappled and suffers an Flensing strike each round as well as a Lightning bolt strike.
  • When hit with Gemmite its must make a Will save equal to half the Damage inflicted + the Character level of the one that hit it(Max 12) or have part of its essence split from it. Taking off 1/4 of its lightning bolt damage. This can only happen twice effectivly halving the lightning based damage it does. If it makes the save nothing happens but damage.

Sanguinated Vampyre

The Vampire's in Wavermoth can sometimes be a tad different. These Vampires are called saguinated. These Vampires are much more powerful than their normal counterparts, so long as they stay within the Darkling veil.

A Sanguinated Vampyre retains all stat canges of a normal vampire, save it has a LA of only +6. This is due to several issues. A sanguinated Vampyre cannot swim under any circumstance, due to the fact that complete immersion in water completely destroys them, no saving throw. Sunlight i the same, though it must be natural sunlight not a spell or other magic effect. They loose their turning resistance and instead become unturnable, here is why. A sanguinated Vampyre can only be sired by a vampire and a preist or even palain of a Good aligned God. Now either through birth or through ceremony it does not matter but once Sanguiated the Vampire becomes immune to good aligned reulsion or destruction effect. The Sanguinated vampire also gains a new ability to replace the Blood drain and energy drain attacks it had before. This new ability is to be decided at creation by the DM within reason. The epitome of this ability is Theradas's Sanguine purge. He can drain blood from up to 5 targets in a 15 foot range.. Provided they fail a fort saving throw equal to 10+10 (Half his HD)+ CHA mod (5)= 25.

These Vampires are rare due to the way they are created. So use them sparingly.. unless your sending your party on a sort of suicide mission.