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Main Characters

The Story So Far


Tampa, Florida used to be a great place to live. Sun and sand and more sun, and sure the blue-hairs were annoying, but a land without snow and with plenty of recreational avenues was a good home. Lack of State Tax meant a better chance to making a living, and if it was summer ten months out of the year, at least it wasn't cold.

Until last night. The change happened suddenly - when it was least expected, and the dead of night turned to the undead of night. Every nightmare you ever had from slasher and zombie flicks as a kid came true. You found yourself looking for your Zombie Survival Guide as more than just bathroom reading - it was slated to become your new Guide to Living. You start repeating under your breath things like: "Rule #1 - Cardio."

The night you spent running for your life. The city went mad in an instant, and that first rush of zombies was the worst. How you survived, even you hardly know, but in the morning, small pockets of humans woke up and realized this was the beginning of something totally different, completely new.

A small group found themselves at Gaither High School, holed up in the band room. Noah, Lila, Dylan, and Cody looked at each other and wondered how this happened. About the same time the zombies showed up, so did a man with a crowbar named Tabor. They ended up making a break for it, headed toward MacDill Air Force Base. Cody's phone had worked long enough for him to contact her father, a veteran who was not content to sit and die, and had made his way to the base to see about setting up a secure camp to retake the city from the undead.

Another group woke up in a warehouse on the docks, more or less surrounded by zombies. Jeremiah, Jerry Lee, Lionel and Tahrique had a rocky start getting along, but by the time they had blown up the warehouse and got a jump on getting to the barracks and local police force armory, they were working together to survive.

Rebecca was introduced to the zombie issue when she found her pastor eating the parishoners, and was forced to put him down. Convinced she was doing the will of the Lord, she was determined to survive while putting an end to these heathen spawns of the Devil.

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In the Line of Duty

Cody and Tabor have made it to MacDill, to find Cody's father in charge of the base. The Colonel gives a briefing, and they are given a special job to do. Whether they survive or not will depend on luck, skill, and a certain amount of zombie slaughter.

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