Echoing Horrors of Midnight

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Deadline for Applications: Friday, September 17, 2010
Desired Number of Players: 4-6


General Setting and Game Information:
The world has been covered in shadow as long as memory serves. Tales of a time when the land did not run wild and the night was safe, give children hope that one day they can live in relative peace and harmony again. Can you make their dreams a reality or will you fall like countless others?

Information About You:
Since I focus slightly more on roleplaying than combat, your personality, roleplaying experience, and roleplaying ability are key to my decision. Keep it under 150 words. Just put a short section describing your play style using the DM Guide Character Personalities/Player Motivations on page 8, 4e. I do not need nor want character ideas at this point. People who have played one of my campaigns before know that these details are minor and do not matter. What I mean is, the group does not need balance forced into it. I picked six great roleplayers one time, and they all coincidentally played barbarians. Six strikers definitely provided for some rich and exciting roleplaying opportunities!

Pages 8-10, DMG 4e

About My Games:
This first small adventure will begin in a world of shadow and intrigue mixing equal elements of horror and fantasy. There is a 60% Roleplaying/40% Combat ratio for my adventures. As a side note, my adventures are geared to extend into a campaign indefinitely if players are interested in roleplaying a character into the epic tier. As long as there are at least two active people in any of my adventures, I always maintain the roleplaying experience. The expected posting requirements are at least once/day. If you cannot meet this on a regular basis, then please do not apply for my game. I am looking for serious roleplayers who want the genuine experience from a genuine DM. We will be starting from Level 1.

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