recruitment: round 2

recruitment: round 2

game profile
>>> here <<<

review carefully before applying.
(download and read lof player's guide at before creating background story;
yours has to -- generally -- intertwine with setting.)

- pc name: (once invited, a pc mw sheet is required)

(below: the more fleshed out, the better your chance being considered)
- background:
- description:
- personality:

thx for your interest!

current active party line-up:
- changeling barbarian
- half-orc ranger
- human cleric
- human wizard
as gm, i tend to select a group of classes to round out a party. race is unimportant, rather more for rp flavor. hope this helps those applying to consider their efforts. thanks for the good fluff so far :-)

up for consideration so far (in order of submission):
- half-orc sorcerer
- human paladin (ravenos: sir elyan, considered)
- human cavalier
- elf bard or rogue
- half-elf ranger
- human oracle
- human oracle (deserach: sahra'absef, considered)





UPDATED 10/12---Location details added.

Work in progress

Sir Elyan





For your consideration: Basilius Arkitas, Human Cavalier

Basilius Bahram ibn-Arkitas Ghafiqui
Keshelite Human Cavalier,Worshiper of Sarenrae(NG)




attention applicants:
read instructions before applying.

there is required reading material -- you should not have "[insert city/town here]" and the likes in providing the information requested. there is open-ended guideline available for your creativity in fleshing out a pc.

you are vying for a slot with other good applications (so far). i am providing you all an even playing field and an opportunity to submit something substantial -- create a pc you will enjoy rp'ing and grow (hopefully) for a while. overly-brief text or failure to follow instructions will reduce your application's chance of consideration. this is your one chance to make a first impression. make it hard for me to decide!

fair warning: i go by historical fact -- participants who tend to commit little in creating a pc often are the first to disappear from game without notification, or are pruned within a couple of weeks after applying due to lack of activity/posting. i don't have the time and energy to vet such applicants. you get as much out as you put in. my campaign style may not be for everyone, but i can guarantee you will be entertained once you're in. i cannot, however, guarantee you a spot; that's your job.

take your time: you have until 15 oct.

Assuming that you are talking about spoilers (the drop down lists) {spoiler="Insert title here"}Insert drop down text here{/spoiler} Substitute { } with [ ]. I would give the BBC Code forum a read as well.

I've finally settled on a character concept to apply with and filled out a character sheet accordingly. I'm still working on the supporting fluff, but I figured I'd at least put the sheet up as a show up good faith. I'll have the rest done before the deadline. I want to take my time and go through the player's guide for the campaign so I can find something that fits.

Half-Elf Rogue

Made changes in my submission (as an edit to the previous post).
Hope is enough for participating.



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