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"I shall fear no evil...."

Government collapsed...communications down...panic...I ran. What else could I do? They were supposed to support us. Protect us. Supply us...They shit the bed, hard. crumbled under us, only the pointy heads made it out. Them and the "Truly necessary." f*** em'. When they ditched us we tried to make due. Held up in a nice little compound and were doing pretty well. We had the boys, the weapons, and the skillbase to keep us going for like ever. Only thing we didn't take into account was our destructive nature. Army breeds f******* alcoholics, promotes aggression, and trains you to kill. Mix all that with the stress of the whole damn world coming down on you and even the hardest man falls apart. What the f*** to you want?! Medak, Nakhonay, those asshats were at least alive. Slowly we fell apart, bit by bit. Suicide, some ran, regular combat cas, couple crazies. Soon we just didn't have enough to hold them off. They over ran us...massacred us...so again, I ran...

Can you survive in a world gone mad? A group of people, huddled in fear in a convienence store for almost a week. running low on supplies. In the middle of a city covered with the unliving. What do you do? You need supplies. You need to get out of here. They won't ignore you forever. Can you handle it? Can you survive? Will you fall to the rotting arms of the dead, or will you fall to your own madness?


All characters will be set up as NORMS. When figuring skill points I use the age & intelligence variant in the AFMBE book.
The setting date is the present so when picking your character's equipment you're only limited to what we have available today.
The setting is a small store in the heart of Edmonton, Canada. Capital of the province of Alberta, it houses around a million people. 90% of which are zombies...Have fun with that...
Now, for how this will work.
Guns...Unless you're military or police services, guns are not regular. You can obtain a gun license but owning one is uncommon.
Nitty Gritty...It's going to suck to be you. I plan on enjoying you hating your life. I won't be out to get you as a ZM but everything else under the Sun will be...

Applications...If you wish to play, just give me a basic concept of your character. A quick blurb, nothing crazy, just a little description of appearance and personality.
If I missed anything, let me know and I'll throw an answer your way.

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