You All Wake Up in a Cryochamber V

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  • Created Aug 2 '11
  • Last Post Aug 19 '11 at 12:15am
  • Status Aborted
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Originally Posted by Myself, on the Bay12 Forums
Like the title says, you're going to wake up in suspended animation aboard a small derelict starship.

You can be:

Or at least you look like it. You may or may not be Homo Sapiens of Sol, but you're close enough that it doesn't matter.

Think Data. You are a machine, but you're built to 'be human', or at least effectively approximate humanity.

There's a series of books I read about on TvTropes about sentient fusion-powered tanks. "Bolo" I think it was. You'd be something like that, not at all humanoid in form but still possessing free will, personality, and intelligence. Wall-E or Johhny Five would be a more anthropomorphic example. KITT and the robots from Suspended would also fit here. Of course, you can't be anything terribly large- a car wouldn't be able to navigate the narrow stairways aboard the PC's starship.
Also, I'd really like if you drew a picture of what you're supposed to look like. Just use MS Paint or something.

Computer A.I.
The opposite end of the spectrum to Human. You don't even have a defined physical form- you're just an artificial mind who can reside in anything that can store data and execute machine code. HAL for example.

I think six players will be enough. None of you will have any recollection of identity besides your name.
This game will be set in a universe of my own creation, which happens to have its own (admittedly quite small) Wikia here.

The party will find themselves aboard a small derelict spaceship, its crew recently killed by an unknown foe. They must then repair the ship and find out why, exactly, they were there. Or just dick around exploring the universe and ignoring the question entirely.

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