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Alright, just to get a few things cleared and out of the way. As a player and DM, I love to RP, so the more you make me feel like your character is alive, the more fun stuff I get to throw at you. If all you want to do is constant rolls and checks. And just grind through levels, this isn't the game for you.

That said, most of this will be one-on-one sessions. I know people can be very busy and maybe we'll only get a few posts in at a time. So that's one reason why I do this. The other being that I want you to feel like you are the most important character in my story. Well, YOUR story. So it lessens trying to steal the glory from other members, or waiting for them to log on or post. I WILL however, try to have interactions between a few players should you guys prove to be committed and the such.

Finally. Book wise let's try to stick to Core 3.5, I'll take the completes and the races books as well. Anything beyond that please double check with me, I'll work on it with you. If you've a cool concept, feel free to talk to me, I dont mind house ruling a few things. And of course. its standard fantasy, medieval times etc etc.


As the sunlight begun to seep through the window and into the room, Mindartis's eyes opened. A wolfish grin spread wide across his lips, he quickly got out of bed and got dressed. "It's here already... This day..." he muttered beneath his breath, a quick moment of excitement coursed through his body as he felt like a small child, waiting for his first chance to go on a great hunt with his father. Quickly, he crossed the vast and luxurious dinning room smiling and waving at the servants rushing about preparing breakfast. Practically ran past the throne room and straight to his private study. he pulled out a chair, sat, and took a deep breath, savoring this moment. Sitting across the table staring back at him, his father, a rather impressive man despite his age, the man was rather large standing at a full 6 foot and 4 inches of height, muscle bound and a well trimmed beard. "Morning dad." The bear of a man standing across Mindartis smiled back at him and let out a short hearty laughter, you could still hear the man that once owned the farm and was the life of the inn resonate behind his imperial voice. "Today my son, is your day. Soon, you will go from behind a boy, to a man. And that is something to be proud of. And down the road, my dear son, you shall become a great king, I know it."

Mindartis looked at the sheet of paper slipping across the table and already, he saw it. He knew what it would be.

Calling all Competitors far and wide in the kingdom of Kael'Strath
My great people! Your king wishes to extend an invitation to all of the noblest of knights, wisest of mages, and even to the toughest of brigands to fight in the Grand Arena! The winners of each competition during this 7 day festival will receive riches and opportunities aplenty! Whether it be a test of strength, wit, or agility all are welcome to prove themselves to the royal family Velanae! So travel NOW from the furthest reaches of the land and try your hand at attaining glory, fame, and wealth!

"They went out this morning, before dawn, town cryers should be annoucing them in a matter of hours. The whole kingdom in days. Worry not my son. Many shall come. Many will fight. Many will show us what they are made of." Mindartis looked up at his father, smiling, eyes burning bright with the fires of excitement. "But will they know what they are fighting for? The opportunity that we are offering them?" "No, not in the slightest." And with that, both son and father laughed, together. For the chance to obtaining immortality was naught but a great hunt away.

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