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  • Created Aug 12 '11
  • Last Post Apr 12 '12 at 3:17pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Future

Game Description

Derek the ContractorDerek sat behind the plastisteel crates trying to get his breath. He checks the cannister on his plasma pistol and was dismayed to see it half full. To some that might be a good sign because there is more plasma to shoot, but for Derek it means he hasn't shot it enough today. Today was supposed to be profitable. He was contracted to negotiate a settlement between the client and the client's clients. Well, the clients were weapons manufacturers and the client's clients were Pemeric pirates. The pirates ordered the weapons, had the weapons shipped to a third party world for price negotiations and cleverly pirated the cargo ships before they arrived. Silly pirates. Now the clients don't want the weapons back, just an equitable deal and Derek took the job to negotiate that deal. Which led him here behind the plastisteel crates being shot at by Pemeric pirates with really nice weapons. He sighed, 'time to earn a paycheck' and he rolls from cover firing.

Blasters and Chrome is a shameless Space Opera. It doesn't make Carl Sagan proud, but it should be fun. I'm going with most appropriate sci-fi tropes with technology being a bit higher than Star Wars. No FTL, though. Interplanetary travel is handled exclusively through jumpgates called "Arks". This espouses the idea that no matter how far technology advances, humans will still be human and do human things in human ways. See the houserules section for specifics of technology.

Most shows and sci-fi properties assume that space travel and alien contact will be handled by governments. Government ships do the exploration, diplomats negotiate treaties, generals wage war etc. In this game, at least, this is totally wrong. Governments are content to be insular and manage their own worlds. Militaries prepare endlessly for invasion.

It is the entrepreneur, the independent contractors that venture out and make first contacts, that dare the reaches of the dark and risk life and limb to push back the veil. There is no safety net, no security forces and no police to run to if they open a Pandora's Box.

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