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  • Created Aug 23 '11
  • Last Post Jan 25 '12 at 2:19am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

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So basically I have an idea for a game. Now in terms of how the game is going to be run, as far as I can tell it's going to be a long term styled game with many paths where your every decision affects what people around you are going to think of your group. There will be a main story, but you're technically under no obligation to follow it explicitly, in fact there may be times where the path may be a little too difficult, or you may have to go on side-quests just to get more information, because even though this is going to be an open world styled games, it's going to have things that are too difficult for you, things that you are meant to fail, it's not something that's going to be lolautodeath, but I don't know anyone who succeeds at everything their first time, and your group will not be immune to this, however, I will try my best to make it so that you are semi-aware of the difficulty, and there will usually be a way out without suffering major losses. In other words, sometimes it's better to not pick a fight, and sometimes it's better to just run. Character concepts aside of course, I know it's in some people's character to pick a fight, or wander or make mistakes, which I encourage as long as it's a character driven thing.

Now as for the books, I'm pretty much sticking to the Apg and the players handbook, because it's what I'm familiar with. If you really, and I mean really sell me on something, and I'm comfortable with it, then I'll consider it, but I'd be decidedly more comfortable with

Character creation rules are, 20 point buy and characters start at level 1.

The world
The world exist todays at the footsteps of a tragic event. In the world world, adventurers were common, commonly doing deeds both good and evil in the name of a life that was exciting and could get you fame and riches. There were many powerful artifacts created during this time, was made by a powerful wizard named Artemis. Not much is known about what happened, but the rumor has it that a group of adventurers attacked his stronghold seeking to claim not only this powerful artifact, but many others that he had stored in his compound. People that have memories of the event tell of a bright light, splitting the world in two, before they fell unconscious in a very deep sleep. When they woke up, they noticed that many did not survive the blast, their fates unknown. The people that did manage to survive however, were granted with a special knowledge. They each were granted knowledge of different artifacts scattered amongst the remaining world. Even more special still are the ones gifted with the knowledge of fragments of the world changer.

300 years have passed since this event, and those with the knowledge still claim life, however, they go through a process of regeneration where they change (think doctor who) so tracking these people down will be difficult, however, to those experienced in the manner, it is not an impossible endeavor. You each will be granted with the ability to at least track it down to an area. However, you're not the first or only group to seek these treasures, (if you so wish) and you most certainly won't be the last. Despite the fact that adventurers in this world aren't trusted by common folk because they have ties to nothing, not to mention the fact that it was a group of adventurers that caused the trouble in the first place. However, an uneasy peace does take place however as the world is populated by many city-states with no real prominent central government, because of this, there isn't much of an army, and people are dependent on adventurers to handle dangerous tasks. So while you won't be trusted initially most of the time by people, you can get them to co-operate if you're willing to work with them, or threaten them with violence. Remember, however that every action has a reaction, and even good intentions can have disastrous results if you make a poor choice.
As far as alignment goes, I'm willing to accept all good, all neutral, and lawful evil if you're willing to give me a really good concept about your motivations and why you'd be willing to work with other people. Also, you'll have to really have your character's motivations fleshed out, as being an evil character in a good group will require you to disguise your motivations. Also, alignment will be a secret, so when you apply, PM me what your chosen alignment will be, and apply what you initially want most people to see you as.

The game will start when we get 4 good characters, but I'm willing to accept more if a good enough concept is pitched to me later.

I'll probably close the application process in one month.

Till then, good luck adventurers

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