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Infractus is my homebrew setting and includes an extensive Wiki page for players to read. For this game, focus on the Central Kingdoms, religion, and races page. There will be some racial, alignment, and class restrictions listed at the bottom of the Ad. Please read over the Ad carefully before making your character..

The Dragon Born Emperor, Bloodtalon X, was unhappy. His country, despite its strong hold on trade routes leading to the eastern coast of the southern continent, was growing poor and slowly descending into chaos. Its decadent nobility have become afraid of the bandits scouring their land, of the darkness growing in its many wildernesses. The Empire's human enemies in Clestaria are gathering at the boarders.

He needed soldiers, but the empire couldn't afford Mercenaries, and training soldiers took a great deal of time. Perhaps, though...

There was a tournament coming up in the next few months. A place where warriors of might and magic would be gathering to prove themselves against one another. People from Bloodflame's nobility, and... perhaps... elsewhere in the country, for those smart enough to sneak their way in. It wasn't much, but Victor Bloodtalon the Tenth would take any chance he could get.


Your characters have somehow found themselves in the championship being held in the Palace City of Remica in the country of Bloodflame. How and why your characters ended up competeing in this competition is up to you. Each of your characters comes from a village, town, city, or other area in the Bloodflame Empire. I encourage you to make up these areas yourself, and to provide a few details. If I like your idea, even if you are not accepted I may at it to the Wiki with your permission.

If your character is nobility, keep in mind that most of the Nobles are Dragonborn, although a few exceptions do exist (and those that are exceptions are probably human).

Shardminds will not be accepted. Shardminds are extremely rare on Infractus, and almost all of them keep their existence a secret and eventually join the Order of the Cerulean Sign due to a racial compulsion.

Additionally, Shades and Vryloka will not be allowed into this game. Shades are already stuck in nefarious dealings and Vryloka live primarily in the north. They do not have the right feel for a high-heroism game, which is what I am going for with this.

Although the feel might not be right, if you can make a really convincing character concept, I will allow Revenants.

Setting specific races that are not on the Races page (such as Thri-Kreen and Warforged) will similarly require a really convincing character concept for me to allow them, but it is not outside the realm of reason.

As for classes, the only classes that are going to be banned are the Necromancer, Nethermancer, and Assassin classes. Warlocks can be played, but they must be Feypact warlocks only.

Even though Psionics is normally restricted to members of certain societies, I will be allowing them for this game as they are a wild talent and can appear in almost anyone, but if you're looking through other characters and see a glut of psions, understand that your chances of being accepted are very slim.

Character Sheet Format
Race: If you're playing a dwarf or human, you may opt instead to use the Half-dwarf trait, although they are incredibly rare in the Bloodflame Empire.
Background (Mechanical): Any standard background that allows for a +2 to a skill, or an additional class skill. If you convince me, I'll let you use a homebrew background so long as its bonus is no more than a +2 to a skill or additional class skill. This won't unbalance the game.
Character Theme: The non-setting specific themes should be okay for this, but use reason when picking a theme if you choose to do so. If I'm not allowing assassins, characters who primarily use subterfuge and poison are not likely to be accepted. Homebrew Themes are not allowed.
Class and Role
Background Story: Please contain this in a spoiler
Stat block: Please contain this in a spoiler

Additionally, I want to see what each of you can do with the following scenario as a sample of your posting:

You're playing the Human Rogue, Francis Drake. You're on board your vessel the Golden Hind which has just run aground. Your DM announces that you're now in a skill challenge. You make a nature check (Success with a 15), two Athletics Checks (One success and one failiure with a 13 and an 11) and one Intimidate Check (a significant success with a 24) and you're back out to sea.

In a spoiler, show me what your post for the skill challenge would have been if you were the player involved in this scenario, using all of the checks provided.

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