The World in the Mists

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  • Created Sep 1 '11
  • Last Post Nov 17 '11 at 11:43pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

The world I once knew fades away, and I fade with it.
-Ivonne, High Priestess of the Holy Isle

The Island of Scarrough has existed in two worlds since the First Days. Lately, the gates between them have grown closed. The Priests of Altus, intent on purging heresy from all corners of the world, are causing the worlds to drift further and further apart. To them, it is a holy cleansing. They are banishing the witches and demons back into the mists for eternity.

To the people of that world, however, this spells their doom. They are losing their priestesses. They are losing access to their holy lands, their temples. Beyond this, they are fighting a war on two fronts. The Altans come at them from the south, while the Barbarians come at them from the north.

When the Imperator recalled the majority of his troops from Scarrough, it allowed for peace. The Tribes, united under High King Ulfen, formed an alliance with Decius Canus of Altania. United, they have held the shores against the Barbarians. However, Decius Canus has many enemies. And High King Ulfen is growing old and ill. The peace cannot last much longer, and when it falls, there is no telling what will come of Scarrough.

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