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Long have the four witches lived; each one protected by an amulet that preserves their bodies. Protecting them from the weapons of mere mortals. Keeping them from death. Keeping them from the gates of hell.

Good thing for mortals that these powerful beings hate one another to the point of constant warfare. For while the witches focus on themselves the people of the land survive, and even thrive, without much concern from these furies and their minions.

That was until the last full moon when the four witches, with their armies, chose to make Kedeshk, the port city where you live, into a bloody battle field. Each descending from their thrones to lead their minions on an all out campaign to destroy one another and any others in their path.. They turned the city into a ruin in only three weeks.

With only pockets of inhabited areas of the city remaining., you find yourself planning an escape rather than a defense.


The Gnarlthorn is a dark fantasy game of survival. It is designed for 4-5 players with an emphasis on adventure, combat, and writing. It is a thriller, horror, and action pact story that couples the lightweight rules of WR&M with freeform writing. I am new to GMing WR&M but not new to pen and paper games and freeform style of gaming. I really want to take the rules for a spin and I accept all those with or without WR&M experience.

We will be using:
Discovered Lore
From the Imperial Forges I/II
From the Imperial Library

The Art of Combat will be used later

I will have city and other relevant information in the game forum soon. Please post your applications here with this format:

Race: (pretty flexible)


Angle of Adventure:
Example: My character will defend the city to the death and will stop at nothing short of driving the invaders from Kedeshk and following them into their lairs and removing their purty little heads.
My character will quietly find a way through the embattled ruins and dungeons and to a place far from the once peaceful and pleasant port city.

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