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  • Created Sep 7 '11
  • Last Post Nov 29 '11 at 9:12pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dark Heresy

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Captain Drake of the “Emperor’s Mercy” walked the length of the deep space patrol frigate’s command deck. The crew working efficiently and diligently at their posts while Drake’s bodyguard and second in command followed at exactly three steps behind him. Things had been quiet on the month long voyage to the outer edge of the Octavian system.
“Sir, Warp rift detected at Mark 2..5..7, ship translating.” intoned one of the auger array officers.
“Ship is a Lunar class, systems scan registers it as the “Vengeful fury“, lost almost a century ago.” continued the officer as he turned to look at the captain.
“Bring us to bear helmsman, and open a Vox-channel to her, lets see if anyone is talking.” barked the Captain as he moved back to his command chair. “Charge shields and bring weapon systems to bear on the cruisers engine’s.” continued Drake’s stream of orders as he sat down in his chair………

……….“Emperor’s Mercy…this is team Alpha, making soft seal to Vengeful Fury’s outer hull, just give the word Emperor’s Mercy.” toned the Sergeant over the Vox-channel as the Gun-cutter bumped up against the hull.
“Alpha team, you are green.” Toned back the mechanical voice of a servitor.
The amber runes turned green as the airlock cycled. Alpha team quickly swept through the portal, weapons raised, and glow-lamps sweeping through the dark interior of the lifeless vessel………..

………..“Emperor’s Mercy, Emperor’s Mercy this is Bravo team…static….BLAM, BLAM. Sweet Emperor what is…hizzz crackle…Fall back, Fall….crssshhhh….egative on Alpha team..repea…shhhhkkkkk…negative on Al..shhhhheeeeekkkkkkclicki Drake looked to the Astropath standing to the right of his command chair as he clicked off the recording of Bravo teams last transmission, having played it a dozen times already as he waited for the Astropath to reach the bridge. “Get me Navel Command at Octavian Prime.” spoke Drake to the Astropath as he puzzled over what could have happened to the two sweep teams he had sent over to the cruiser that still floated in the holo-projector in front of him. First Alpha team failed to check in, then Bravo team was to locate and hook up with Alpha if they could be found and to report on any findings. Now only the garbled and static transmission from Bravo team giving him the only clue…..

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