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Are you tired of being "the good guy?" Sick of watching the evil doers get to have all the fun? Well now's your chance.

This game is set in the City of Tallon, Population 37 Million. While 60% human, there is also a large number of Elves (20%), Dwarves (10%), Half elves (5%) Halflings (2%), Gnomes (1%) Half Orcs (.75%) and Miscillanious Beings (.25%)

There is also the Undercity, which will be detailed Later.

The game is 90% sandbox, with there being a storyline going on the PCs can jump in on, or not, as they choose. You will pick your targets and such.

The 4 PCs chosen will Begin as a few malcontents eager to commit some crimes. As your wealth, influence, and crime spree grows, so will you.

Crunch: Stating lvl is 1. yes, thats a 1. If you got passed that, and are still with me, you'll level fast. and by this I mean, expect 1-2 levels a week until we reach 10. After that, it might slow a bit (or not, depends on players). I think good RP deserves good XP.

Everyone will gain a feat at every even level (and lvl1) (1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20) and an Attribute bonus at the odd levels (but not level1) (3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19)

Everyone will also get the Landlord Feat, for free, at level1. This money can ONLY be spend on the base/organization upgrades below.

Almost all races are welcome (if it has an LA of +1 we can try and homebrew it to 0.) If it has an LA over +1 please see if it has a listing here:

If it doesnt, we'll see what we can do.

All WoTC books are allowed. Other then the races, NO HOMEBREW. No Dragon or Dungeon Mag.

Only thing banned is the races of Kobold and Ratling. (Yes I love them too, but this is for story/setting purposes.)

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