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The Great War is over. It has lasted over a decade and the world over has been devastated, hardly a corner untouched by the conflict. The mighty armies of the evil wizard Aahlzarr lay crushed on the battlefields across the world and those that yet survive are scattered and retreating. The world has been delivered to the forces of good once again, or at very least to those that do not wish for ultimate, tyrannical control of it by any means necessary such as Aahlzarr.

The final battle, the last bastion of resistance, Aahlzarr's Tower, fell not ten-day ago; but the wizard will not truly be destroyed until his 5 Soul Stones are recovered and destroyed forever. From the records he kept, Aalhzarr's Soul Stones are known to be scattered throughout his expansive labyrinth beneath his Tower.

This labyrinth is no simple dungeon, however. It is the result of centuries, perhaps millennia, of work; much of it not even done by Aahlzarr or his agents. In fact, Aahlzarr's journals indicate that he lost absolute control over his creation centuries ago. Wild magics linger in long forgotten caverns creating natural looking underground forests! Escaped prisoners from centuries before have reproduced and created entire villages! Truly, it has become a world of its own... and some where in this world, 5 Soul Stones must be recovered to rid the world once and for all of Aahlzarr's terror.

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