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To everyone
If you wish to follow up the story, send me a PM to become a reader.

Starting Level: 1

New Legends
Five thousand years ago, an evil Lich named Rezanior threaten the known world. Nations rallied together in attempt to vanquish this new menace, but Rezanior’s power proved to be too strong. Rezanior then named himself King and built his fortress on Lost Mountain. One day, a human named Tarsk went to Lost Mountain and challenged Rezanior. The battle lasted for hours, until Rezanior was defeated, at the cost of the hero’s life. For saving the known world, it was renamed on the hero’s name, but even with Rezanior defeat, his evil influence still reigns over Lost Mountain and whoever went to scavenge the Fortress’ ruins has never returned.

GM’s Background
I have GMed many games for many years on paper and pen and participated in few games on both PbP and IRC, but this will be my first attempt to GM a PbP game.

Type of Game
I expect to GM a game where players can relax and either choose to RP or kick the door. I want to make a simple, classic game of Dungeons and Dragons, where players receive quests and explore dungeons, rather than involving them into too deep and too complex environment.

Type of Group
I will be recruiting as following: one character per role. Once I have chosen my four roles, I will recruit a fifth member as a wildcard to the party. To make it more fair, if a group have many more applications than the others, I will pick my wildcard within that group, giving every member even chances to join the game.

Character Application
I know that many members can work for hours to make a character only to see its application refused for a game. I am requesting a character sheet that as its name, race, class, abilities, skills, feats, powers and equipment chosen. I do not need to have an image or a complete background and psychology of your character. Like I said, we’re here to relax and play Dungeon and Dragons, not read a tolkien novel about your character.

Various Numbers
Players can choose their abilities with the Method 2 of the Player’s Handbook, page 17 (22 point buy). Characters will start with the usual 100 GP and basic clothing. Here is the list of books permitted:
- Player’s Handbook I, II & III
- Eberron Player’s Guide
- Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
- Arcane Power
- Divine Power
- Martial Power I & II
- Primal Power
- Psionic Power
I intend to use the Official D&D Updates of each of these books on the Wizard of the Coast website. I do not own any Dragon Magazine, so if you wish to select a feature in one of them, please site your reference.

Kelgate - Githzerai Seeker
huntyr - Githzerai Psion
Parn - Eladrin Wizard

bws1105 - Warforged Swordmage
Jak_EcoFreak - Minotaur Fighter
lbshaggy17 - Minotaur Swordmage
Revenging Ewok - Half-Orc Fighter

Sconstance - Wilden Shaman
longtimeteenager - Changeling Cleric
Kanno - Doppelganger Bard

Magicdragon - Human Barbarian
Mike the Mountain - Human Rogue
Pog - Goblin Sorcerer
Saionide - Human Ranger

kenas - Tiefling Paladin/Warlock (Off-tank/dps)
ghataria - Revenant Ardent/Cleric (Leader)

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