A Tyranny of Souls - Scales of War 19th Level

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Tyranny of Souls

The darkest hour is upon us, but we have no need to fear and no reason for anguish. It has been foretold that our hero will return. Her blade will shine like a thousand stars, and our enemies will cower in it's brilliant light. Her voice will ring with the shouts of a thousand warriors, and our enemies will wail and gnash their teeth with fear. And her anger will burn like a thousand suns, and our enemies will be as cinders before her intolerable wrath. It has been foretold that she who broke our chains will come forth once again and lead us to glory and conquest, and in her name we will build an empire to span all worlds, giving no shelter, no succor, and no mercy to those who oppose us. It has been foretold and the time is near.

Take heart warrior - Gith has returned, and our ultimate victory is at hand!

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