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Some heroes are born. Some are made. Some, it just happens to. This is the story of one of those.

New York City, Summer 2015.

The world is a pretty dark place these days. Crime is rampant around the world, and the various governments can't seem to keep up. Cops are underpaid and scorned, despite doing a terribly difficult and thankless job. Organized crime is becoming as powerful as many large corporations. The populace is getting beaten down, cowed, by the endless barrage of violence and crime in the news and in their faces.

The city needs a hero.

The city needs you.

Rise of a Hero is a game set in a world where super powers don't exist. At least not yet. It is a solo game (which may open up over time) following the path of hero that discovers his powers and sets out to make things right. Unfortunately for him, soon others will discover powers, and not all of them will be good guys.

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