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  • Created Sep 27 '11
  • Last Post Feb 26 '12 at 5:31am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

Rain in the Cage.
Tomorrow the wretched yellow smog will be washed away: a fresh start and a new day. Today it is nothing but misery: sheets of acid rain hammer insistently against the windows, and the occasional flash of lightning illuminates the City of Doors in a sickly cast. Outside, cars soak too-slow pedestrians with murky water and foul-mouthed Cagers curse the weather. This is where you live. It is not always a pleasant place. There are safer, cleaner, and more beautiful cities, but the vanishingly rare clear moments when you can see all the way to the other side of the Cage and look at all the multiverse has to offer in one small place remind you why you live here.

This game is what you get when you combine Planescape and (post) cyberpunk. It is run in a mostly freeform system with some randomization and conflict resolution mechanics thrown in for good measure. Anyone who enjoys either genre (or urban fantasy, espionage, and thriller games) will find more than enough to keep their interest here. You donít need to be an expert on Planescape (or cyberpunk for that matter) to play, and everyone who enjoys writing-heavy games should be able to play without too much fuss, but be prepared to do a little bit of research if you donít already know about the Planes.

The players are a small team of troubleshooters; berks who handle dangerous and sensitive issues with wits and good judgment first, and violence second. As the game progresses, you will find yourself involved in complex and thorny plot. Everyone in the game should be closely connected to each other, but character-creation will ensure this in any event. Conflict between party members is welcome within reasonable limits of the game. Violent disagreements are not.

(I preface this by saying that I realize that Iím being unusually stingy with plot details, but spoilers will be a huge problem for this game.)Suffice to say itíll start out as a fairly straightforward investigative game and turn into something far more complicated as the plot progresses. In any event, donít expect much combat: if you get bored when people arenít shooting each other this probably isnít your game. I love the diversity of Planescape, and people who enjoy the odd slice-of-life game will also have the chance to indulge that. If you want to play a character whose main thing is shooting people this probably isnít your game. Shooting people has consequences, and while the Cage isnít exactly known for its effective law-enforcement agencies murder tends to have serious consequences. In fact, if youíre character has killed people, particularly outside of a military capacity, itís an extremely significant feature of your background.

You the PCs will play an extremely large role in shaping the setting you play in through your applications and input. While Iíve got a clear mental picture of many parts, there is plenty of room for input, and Iím very flexible. The game forum will be updated often with more setting information, and there will be room for applicants and accepted players to put forward ideas. Please check it as itíll be updated frequently.

Character Creation and Applications:

Players will not apply for this game in the conventional way. Apart from a few general ideas about the sort of character you want to play, you will not be writing up a character just yet. That will be done once Iíve accepted a group. Instead, you should write three short vignettes in the setting. The topics are yours to choose, but I highly suggest showing of your descriptive and dialogue-writing abilities. These vignettes are meant to gauge your skill as a writer and whether your ideas about the setting are on the same page as my own. They are also your first opportunity to influence the setting. In addition, please provide a short sketch of the kind of character you want to play (A few sentences will suffice. Pictures are also nice. In D&D terms you should aim to play a character between level 5 to 8, but because this is not D&D hard limits need not confine you. This means that characters are highly competent, but not really superhuman: like low to mid-range action heroes if weíre talking about a character who only does combatówhich is unacceptable.)

Once you are accepted, players will create their characters collaboratively. Iíd recommend reading this article: Those of you who are familiar with FATE will recognize this approach. I will accept three to six PCs based on the quality of applications.

The deadline for applications is currently the 10th of October

I expect about 3-5 substantive posts per week from all of you. Make as many shorter posts as you like. In general, I can manage 3-5 posts as well, but I recognize that we all have lives. I forgive absences, and you should be able to do the same. Getting back into a good rhythm after a week or two without posting is hard, but itís necessary for long-lived games.

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