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Heart of Night
does not so much allude to the tone of the adventure as it does to the characters themselves. Each must possess an inner darkness, whether it be through choices made, a product of birth or random events in their lives. The list is endless.

What each character must be doing is actively fighting against their demons. I'm not looking for anything overtly evil.

Neither am I after anything impossibly good. No paladins . . unless they're the type who fell from grace and need to atone.

Several example characters are shown in the forum. They will most likely become regular NPC's. I will not be running them myself as PC's.

Heart of Night will be a gestalt game, though at all times character interaction and roleplay must be at a premium. I know it's always stated so, but I intend to stick to my guns and applications and characters who are only 'numbers' will be weeded out.

Heart of Night will take place in the Forgotten Realms and will have the characters searching for a powerful artifact in a remote setting.


Gestalt basics will be as follows and I'll include the character of Arcadia from the forum as an example.

(Any Spell-casting Class 1) / (Any Martial Adept Class 5) / Unseelie Knight 10 // Feytouched LA + 1 / Empyrean 8 / Mysterial 7

One base race is allowed, though it can be any LA up to the maximum ECL (Acadia is one of the fey-touched)

One template is allowed, though it also can be of any LA. (Arcadia is being advanced using the mysterial 'template')

A maximum of two Prestige Classes are allowed and the first must be advanced to the end before beginning the second. Where a PrC has numerous classes as a prerequisite all those classes are of course allowed without penalty, but no extra classes just to grab class abilities etc. (As an Unseelie Knight, Arcadia requires levels in a martial adept class and a spell-casting class)

When calculating hit points, saves and base attack bonus, choose one side of the gestalt build. In Arcadia's case she would use the - (Any Spell-casting Class 1) / (Any Martial Adept Class 5) / Unseelie Knight 10 - side to calculate these numbers.

Game level is 16/16

Hit Points will be maximum at first and then roll subsequent levels.

Ability Scores will be 5d6 dropping the lowest 2 and re-rolling any ones.

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