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Setting: The tides of war have been swelling in the land of Ioth for years. Patient tensions ever mounting against the kingdom to the east, Mardun, have been placing pressure on the politicians and slowly lead to a final shutdown of their shared borders. That was one month ago. The border blackout has fueled the imagination of both sides as they guess at the actions and intentions of the other. Speculation and anticipation has lead Ioth to bring to life it's warmachine as it prepares for what may come. Determined to not be caught unaware they have set out to assemble special teams to go across the borders and gather up the intel.

The Team: Several teams have been in the works of assembly to infiltrate and recon information on the Mardunite actions. To gather intelligence that would support the idea that war was on the horizon. Your team, code named 'Nomad', is one of the first to go over into, currently labled enemy territory, to gather intel on the mobilization and information of Mardunite military on the Mardun-Ioth border to the north. The members have been pulled in from all corners of society. This is a mission Ioth has deemed worth of going outside the military to get done.

What To Expect: This campaign will give a well paced serious toned homebrew world environment focusing largely on RPing and problem solving. There will be combat to have members show off their stuff from time to time but it will also give a nod to the well balanced characters. Feel safe to pick a class that is weaker in ares but balanced in all. I will be encouraging well built charactres not well built sheets.

What I Expect: I will want to see serious characters from this. Believable and well structured background stories. You will notice you don't have to build rough gruff military characters so have fun. The world will largely build itself around your actions so feel free to take creative freedom in backgrounds and give me things I can play off of and integrate into our world. The tone of this will be serious but we can all still have fun. So don't be swayed by it. I am only asking for a mature group that won't undermind my DMing when I am trying to be serious. THERE WILL BE PARTS THAT SCARE YOUR CHARACTERS. Don't try to play it off when I say it is terrifying.

The Crunch: Now we com the the goodies for all of you.
  • 32 point buy. Nothing else. Fair balanced and clean.
    Books available: Most anything except Setting. If you think it is out there PM me and run it by.
    Starting level is 3. Leveling will be faster in this campaign.
    Starting equipment: Submit with your characters a wish list of things that you could afford on lvl 3 starting gold budget. The kits will be given to your characters from the military but you will find some requests added just for your character.
    Flaws: Allowed one that will yield rewards. Open to take more.
    Traits. Same as Flaws.

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