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"Well? Are they contained?"
"Yes, yes! Very contained! Nilbog did his job well!!"
"I hope so. If I think for a moment that you took it easy on them, you won't see another copper from me."
"Nilbog promises! Nilbog did his best job!"
"I'll judge that for myself. Now, stop chattering and greet our guests; they're starting to wake up."

Five strangers waking up together in the same cold, dark room, with no memory of how they got there. You and four others will have to band together to get through the tricks, traps, and trials laid before you. Work as a team, and you may find your way to freedom. Break apart, and your ray of hope will disappear as you rot away for eternity.

Is it a game? Is it a test? Perhaps it's a little bit of both. Win your freedom, and you may find out for yourself.

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