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You have been sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere. As you enter the town your group finds that no one is present. As you search the buildings you fing no bodies, but lots of gore everywhere. Finally, you come to a building that has boarded windows and a large metal door.

As you enter the building you begin to hear an odd sound from outside. You turn as a group and see several figures emerge from the fog that has surrounded the town suddenly. Just as you think you've found the villagers you have been sent here to save.

But as the figures come closer you see that they have been brutally wounded and some should not even be able to stand. One quick thinking member of your group grabs the large metal door and slams it shut. Seeing the first act, the rest of you pitch in and help seal the door.

No one will be able to get in that door anytime soon...or out.

As you look around you can see that you are in a room with several pillars, four boarded windows, and a door on the back wall. When you get near the door a number pops into your field of vision, but when you try to look right at it the number disappears. Somehow you know that the number says 1000 points.

This unfortunately means nothing to you at the moment. Looking around you also notice the picture of two weapons, a short sword and a warhammer. As you near the short sword you see 600 Points and you see 200 Points in your vision as you near the warhammer. Again, you have no idea what this means.

Then the action starts. You hear a wooden screech and a sliver of bright light breaks the gloom as a board is ripped off of a window. Suddenly, peering in at you is a retched Zombie with a hungry look in its eye.

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