Forge of the Dawn Titan

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You race through the tunnels beneath Mount Hotenow, map in hand. The Asmodeus cultist, Mordai Vell, is only minutes away from completing the creation of an artifact that will give him the power to subject Neverwinter to his will.

You turn a corner and abruptly come to a series of tunnels unlike the rest. The walls are no longer rough hewn stone but instead finely carved and etched with images of fire. Sconces hold everburning torches. The wide room before you contains four shallow pools of clear liquid, which hold a number of finger-length yellow fish. To your left is a set of double doors. Two more sets of doors are across the room from you.

Chanting reverberates through the walls. The chanting stops, and a male voice speaks.

“So, the Lord Protector sent some fools to stop me. No matter—you’ll never reach me in time.” The voice pauses and then cries out, “My lord Asmodeus! Great Maegera! I beseech you to help me destroy these interlopers.” The chanting resumes, and you feel a wave of magic wash over the area. The room seems to grow hotter.

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