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This is a repost of a game I tried to run almost a year ago. Unfortunately, due to an accident, I was unable to even choose characters and start the game. For the people who applied, I apologize.

The year is 974. The continent of Monalem has undergone many changes in the last sixty years. The technological level of the world has increased in short order, mostly due to the creation of the steam engine, a wondrous machine that can power many different types of machinery cheaply and efficiently. When Choonad's councilmen, then overseeing only a small city, saw what could be accomplished through the use of nothing but technology, they poored money into new ideas, and in just a short time, primitive firearms came to be, and Choonad quickly expanded, taking control of many of its outlying regions through force of arms.

This is a D&D v3.5 game, set in a world where technology has progressed quite a bit compared to the average sword and sorcery setting. While technology as a whole has progressed, there are a few areas in particular that are important to the setting. In general, the technological level would be similar to the real world's Victorian Age. The game will most likely be equal parts roleplaying and combat. There will be a light plot to move the game along, but players are encouraged to add to the world and have a self-motivated character, as well.

Magic and technology, while considered by many to be opposing forces in the world, do not have any adverse effects from working in tandem. Indeed, quite a few adventurers are toting about enchanted firearms, and even a wizard can recognize the advantages of a relaxing train ride if he can't teleport to his destination.
However, the wonder of technology and engineering has most certainly affected the number of practitioners of the arcane arts. Wizards take years to learn how to cast even the simplest cantrip, but a gun works for anyone who can afford to buy one and knows how to pull a trigger. Of course, both work best when the user is trained in its use. A powerful wizard is still someone to respect and fear, and even the father of technology, Fontin Nackle, would never claim to hold more power than a wizard who is well-learned in his art.

Religion, and by extension, divine casters, have felt almost no change in this time. A new deity, Iali, has risen to lesser deity status, his followers claiming he is the patron deity of technology and engineering. It is said that they struggled with membership until Fontin Nackle endorsed them, after which membership flourished. Iali grants access to the Craft, Law, Metal, and Knowledge domains. His favored weapon is the pistol. His teachings involve the idea of spreading technology to help people. His alignment is Lawful Neutral, but he does not accept evil clerics under any circumstances.
Boccob has fallen to the rank of intermediate deity, due to the number of magic users and worshippers decreasing. His clerics around the world have redoubled their efforts to spread magic, but it appears they are having trouble filling their ranks.

Dragons, and other sentient, long-lived creatures such as giants, have taken little notice of technology. Dragons especially view it as just the latest fad that the 'smoothskins' are playing with, as the Technological Revolution has been going on for such a short amount of time in their eyes. However, some have accepted that the world may begin to change, when simple humans have access to weapons that could pierce even a dragon's mighty hide. Rumor even has it that there is a dragon who takes humanoid form to help advance technology, but of course, proving such a story is an exercise in madness.

Although one might believe that swordsmanship and archery would fall to the wayside as "outdated", in light of the development of firearms, such is not the case. Firearms are not always appropriate for adventurering in tight caverns, or for guards simply trying to subdue a criminal. There are also plenty of people, both adventurers and not, that simply distrust technology, and would rather depend on their tried and true blades and arrows. Doing so is generally not looked down on or considered "backwards" in any way.

Okay, if you've read all of that, and somehow, you still want to play in this game, here are the rules for character applications.

Character CreationCharacter creation rules are fairly simple.

You will be starting at ECL 5, with standard wealth by level.
32 point buy.
Automatically accepted sources include:
  • Core
  • Complete Series (No Frenzied Berserker or Hulking Hurler from Complete Warrior.)
  • Spell Compendium
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Player's Handbook II
  • Tome of Battle
  • Gunmage class from Iron Kingdoms

Also, some quick house rules.
  • We will be using the firearms rules from Iron Kingdoms. I realize that's not really a house rule, but I'm just letting you know.
  • If said firearm says it takes 1 standard action to reload, Rapid Reload will drop it to a free action, to make iterative attacks possible. Otherwise, what would be the point?
  • Bullets will be standardized for sanity's sake, and will cost 3g/20, for the player's sake.
  • The monk class is not permitted. This is because the monk class is awful, and I would not inflict your monk upon a party.

Other than that, ask and you shall generally receive. I'm pretty lenient, and I like creative characters that I haven't seen before. That said, Psionics are fine, but they are reflavored as arcane magic. Mechanically, exactly the same, but you're a sorcerer who casts different spells ingame. I'm fine with reflavoring classes and feats from other settings, so long as I'm able to look at them first.

Your application must be readable. I'm not your English teacher, but still, if you type like this is an instant message, I will instantly form a negative opinion of you. I know that's rude of me to say, but that's how I feel. Sorry.

Feel free to add to the world in your application, as this is by no means every location in the world. In fact, this is only one continent, but as far as the beginning of the game is concerned, this is the known world.

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