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World 2 is a Gestalt DnD 3.5 game in a homebrew setting, with an emphasis on character growth and achievement on an individual basis.

The Setting

The game takes place in a world simultaneously very familiar, but unlike any other. It's a schizophrenic, divided world that cannot decide the course of its own future. Magic is potent in many areas of the Continent, so strong that the grass sometimes glows with the unique potential of untapped arcana. The Divine are strong and present, granting their powers liberally to those they see fit to make champions. The Continent's history is long and storied, ancient ruins and alien devices dotting the landscape. The technology is advanced, a prominent feature in places with little natural magic. The Tech Revolution about two hundred years back led to a growth spurt that changed the very face of the Continent: after it finished, it was not unusual to see dragon slayers use machine guns to take down dragons.

The old world of deep magic--the land of dragons and high fantasy--finds itself struggling against the new world of technology that's grown too fast and too soon for its time. Previously weak nations with little magical essence now have it in their power to dominate the whole world through guns and steel, while the strong magic nations search for a deeper power to combat the march of progress.

The Continent is at war.

The Story

The player characters will start out as citizens of Gall, a country in the middle of this growing conflict. Revolution and civil war are on the horizon for the country, and everyone will have to take a side. Each player may choose to be an Arcanist, an Industrialist, or a Gestalt, a moderate somewhere between the Arcanists and the Industrialists. The fate of the revolution rests in the hands of these characters.

Players will begin in solo play, and will then naturally meet up with (and perhaps diverge from) other players. Because of the nature of player choice, conflict between player characters is possible, although never a battle to the death. Though the nature of the world is of a grand, epic conflict between ideologies, there will be a heavy emphasis on character arcs and development.

For more information and applications, see the game forum!


This is a high fantasy game with a focus on adventure, mystery, intrigue, revolution, drama, comedy, and everything in between. It's a mix-mash of a different settings, ideas, and styles. Players can expect to do everything from storm an enemy city to solving a murder mystery. There will be mature content, both in language and subjects. Pace is as wide-open sandbox or structured as the character makes it--there's plenty of people who want to order you around, but there's also plenty of places to explore.

Characters will be gestalt, starting at level 1, and will be slightly better off than normal starting gestalt characters. Leveling will be fast and not based on any sort of experience system. Roleplay is valued over rollplay, and random encounters will be kept at a minimum. Player versus player combat is possible, but not at all preferred, and will never be forced on players. When it happens, it will always be nonlethal, although the consequences can be dire.

For more information, see the game forum and ask the DM!

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