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There have been many devastating wars in the history of this world and its companion planes. Few, if any, more so than the one instigated by the wizard Amdalax; a student of the past cataclysms and a complete lunatic by any stretch of the imagination. At the height of his power, Amdalax had gathered together the Ten Orbs of Dragonkind and utilised profane rituals stolen from the mind of a rakshasa prince to bolster their already-formidable power such that wielding them allowed him to control creatures of draconic heritage effortlessly. All across the planes, dragons and their kindred found themselves enslaved to the foul will of a genocidal madman seeking godhood, the Prophecy thrown into total disarray by this occurrence.

It was ten years before the war finally ended with Amdalax's death. The brave heroes who had challenged him at the very heart of his domain were but the last survivors of an army worthy to take on the gods themselves, yet had been hopelessly outclassed by the hordes of the Evercursed One. Until that point, the greatest spells of the war had been cast by Amdalax himself, drawing upon magical techniques and secrets so far beyond common understanding that there seemed no defence - barring magic of equal potency. Sacrificing themselves to fuel a spell of awesome might, these glorious few pierced the barriers of the Evercursed One to end his life and with it, his control over dragonkind.

His armies disintegrated as his former slaves turned on each other and themselves in madness. Only later did the questions begin as to where the Orbs of Dragonkind ended up...

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