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The world began not with a bang, but with a yawn. The gaping void of the Chaos opened up and from within came forth a pale light. This light changed all that it touched, bringing forth wondrous spectacles to a universe that had once been cold and lifeless. Millennia went by in heart beats of the great Creator until all things that are came to be. Life flourished in something that was once lifeless. Once all things were created, the Creator slipped back into the gaping maw, leaving behind only a faint glow as he left. Legends say that some day the Creator will return, his arrival heralded by a pale glow off the horizon - the Final Dawn.

The world of Arimald is a wondrous place. Governed and manifested by the Great Spirits, all things live in great cosmic harmony - except for the mortal races. Those without life everlasting have begun to grow restless, not relying on stories of a Creator God coming back from the gaping black abyss that covers the night. Instead they choose to make their own destinies. From these adventurous spirits eventually rose two great and noble individuals: the inventor Kali and the Sorceror Cirsus. These two, whose origins remain shrouded from history, became the closest things to the Spirits in power. They continued to amass power and territory until the world of Arimald was split in two. At their greatest heights, they thought their beliefs and themselves above any authority and sought to unite the entirety of Arimald under the banner of Magic or Technology, respectfully. The Great Spirits watched this conflict between two halves of the world until they simply could not tolerate the injustices of either side. In a swathe of destruction that escapes destruction, both armies were wiped from the face of the planet. The Spirits then uttered this to the world:

"The Mortal Races have proved to be wanting of the Creator's grace. Our hearts weep for the destruction you have caused. Your rage and lust for power have corrupted the greatest gift of all. We have decided to leave all the mortal races to their fates. We shall depart and you shall know our bounty no longer, lest you prove you are worthy before the Final Dawn."

With that, the Great Spirits vanished. A thousand years have passed since then and old tensions are arising once more. With the Church preparing for the Final Dawn as always and the kingdoms of Kali and Cirsus on the verge of explosive war, it is not surprising that the mortal races are unaware of the destructive tide heading towards them. This tide threatens to bring about the ultimate end of not just Arimald, but perhaps all living things. The only hope is the destined child, whose name and purpose was whispered at the beginning of time. But only the sleeping Great Spirits know the truth. If there is any hope for Arimald's future, the spirits must be awakened so that Destiny make take hold of a certain, special someone...

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