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Ok I'm a long time DM that has just returned to this site and want to start a new game from level 1 and continue it through as long as my players are willing to commit to playing.

I am not a fan of add ons, homebrew, extra books and that sort of thing. This will be a straight up D&D 3.5 game. No real special rules just good old fashioned fun. The characters will begin Level 1 in a town that I am almost done developing, characters will be generated with 4d6 drop the lowest stats. 350 gold starting monies. I will accept 6 players and want to stress that it will be a high action, damage game but healers and magic are also gonna be needed. So potential players should consider what type and race they are creating.

Some add ons may be allowed later in the adventure but for now only basics. This will be high dungeon crawl as well as that is something that I enjoy DMing. A map maker would be nice for the party as well so that you can actually follow their way through the dungeon.

I am just looking for concepts atm so post them here. There is a thread started in game for dice rolls. More details will follow but these are the basics of what I have going on right now.

So let's see what type of response I can get

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