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  • Created Dec 20 '11
  • Last Post Apr 15 '12 at 2:33am
  • Status Complete
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

Iniquity is a ragged, rough-hewn, planet-sized moon orbiting one of the Dioskouri System’s disintegrating gas giants. It was once a pleasant world rich in resources. Thanks to its long exploitation, it is now a shell of its former self, a blasted world of vertiginous mountains and boiling, caustic seas. Settled aeons ago by a loose conglomerate of mining and Manufactorum guilds, Iniquity has long been an industrial world. While the long degradation of strip mining and industrial development did lasting damage to the planet’s surface, it was the deep, greedy shafts driven into the very bowels of the world that ultimately caused its undoing. In their haste for wealth, the original settlers unleashed an unnamed daemonic horror from deep within Iniquity’s core. As whatever evil they set free boiled to the surface, it brought with it choking brimstone, molten rock, and ores. The planet’s entire population was consumed in the space of hours, either killed, driven mad, or corrupted past recognition by both natural and daemonic forces.

For millennia, Iniquity lay dead. Daemonic forces festered in the valleys and the echoing tombs of the hive-factories until the very stones of the planet were twisted by corruption. It is said that numerous expeditions were mounted to reclaim the mines and dormant industry by interested parties, but no records can be found, and they presumably met with the same fate as the initial settlers. So there Iniquity spun in its orbit while its sister worlds were crushed or pulled apart one by one. Then, drawn as though sharks to blood, bands of Chaos Reavers came calling to claim the damned planet as their own. Now fully in the grip of Chaos, Iniquity is a seething, bellowing, industrial hell. Its core is riddled with countless thousands of kilometres of mines and tunnels, and where the surface isn’t barren rock or sheer cliffs, it is littered with massive, hive-sized foundries and manufactoria wherecountless throngs of slaves toil and die to feed the voracious war machine of the Chaos Reavers. Thanks to both its natural atmospheric proclivities and the greater upheaval within the system, Iniquity rarely sees the light of its remaining sun. When it is not swathed in continent-spanning dust storms or thick, caustic mists, the planet is lashed by savage tempests that bring dangerous lightning and steaming sheets of acid rain.

Iniquity has but one massive continent, tens of thousands of kilometres wide, that encircles its equator. The sprawling mountain ranges that cover the majority of the continent were plagued by over-active tectonic forces even before the system began to disintegrate. Now, massive earthquakes tumble mountains like dominoes, and long dormant peaks erupt in plumes of magma and ash as the planet suffers the brunt of the gravitational anomalies caused by the black hole. The planet has two great seas at either pole, long ago turned into caustic, poisonous soup by pollution and the constant venting of sulphurous gasses from great rents in the sea floor caused by the coming of the daemons. Other smaller seas and lakes can be found on the continent, equally poisoned and ringed with scalding mud fl ats, gas vents, deadly marshes, and sulphurous springs. The planet’s natural flora and fauna, such as it is, is composed of small, hardy reptiles, venomous insects, and even hardier plant life that has evolved to survive not only the harsh environment but also the predations of the aforementioned reptiles. Despite the dying system and harsh conditions on theplanet, Iniquity teems with untold millions of souls. Whether in the slave pits, the entertainment quarters, aboard the massive orbital shipyards, or within the darkly lavish halls of the Citadel of Skulls itself, one is never far from the press of humanity. The population of Iniquity is largely a transient one, composed of wandering Chaos Reavers and an ever-refreshed pool of slave labour.

There is, however, a small permanent population made up of retainers, the overseers of the mines and manufactoria, and the various entertainment providers that cater to the vile whims of the debauched pirates and followers of Chaos. Numerous factions vie for power, land, and resources here. Both the shipyards and the planet itself have been carved into fiefdoms with constantly-changing leadership and shifting borders. The most powerful of these is the fiefdom carved out by Karrad Vall and centred around his fortress—the Citadel of Skulls. The pirates and Chaos Lords who rule over these little kingdoms are, to a man, bloodthirsty killers and devoted adherents to the Dark Powers. Each wants only to rule over his lands and make war with his enemies, with no eyetoward a larger vision. While no sane or pious person would ever visit this scabrous world, it is important for those foolhardy enough to attempt a landing to know where they’re going.

Hello again, some of you may have already read this advertisment regarding a game that is underway now going on 2 months. The characters have created seven Ascended Throne Agents of the Inquisiton and God like Emperor. What Im looking for is five characters from the Black Crusade Game to match wits, fire power, psychic energy and intelligence on a planet that is doomed to sink into the Screaming Vortex. As it stands now, Helena an Hierophant Battle Sister, an Inquisitor Psyker named Constantine and Judge Arbitrator Marcus have found Karrad Vals body dead and the Cardinal Ministra accused of heresy. The three only have so much time to discuss planetary evacuation before there is a civil uprising. Ostrici an Untouchable Vindicare Assassin has taken off to find the Core Cogitator which is used for Vals secret weapon to unleash upon the planet of Malfi. Ostrici is too return the cogitator to Reliquary 26 but not before his fellow Magos Tech Priest Quintus and Scum Desperado Ignace along with Buran an Stormtrooper Guardsman try to do Fallon Marquese's bidding and save and release Skaar from a Tech Heresy called the Road to Perdition.

Im looking for 3 players who must first have Black Crusade Core Rulebook. I have a few things that I would like to say before giving an explanation as to why I would like a player vs player game. The Black Crusade characters start out with Human Race meaning 2d10+20 for characteristic rolls and that you are given starting skills and talents and have 13,500 xp to spend. Listed below are the acceptable career paths for the Chaos. Remember that the starting gear, skills and talents are free and additional to the 13500xp.

1 Human Apostate
1 Human Heretek
1 Human Adeptus Sorritas Battle Sister: Character Sheet Provided or you may create your own.

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