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  • Created Dec 21 '11
  • Last Post Jan 7 '12 at 1:34am
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  • System Homebrew

Game Description

In Game Info: Set in an alternate Karakura Town where Ichigo and company have not traveled to Soul Society, our game will focus around a group of Shinigami, Quincy, and Fullbringers and the ever increasing spiritual power surrounding Karakura town. Players have the freedom of making any character which could, logically, be in the city at this time and ready to work aside (even if not with) Soul Society to uncover the source of spiritual pressures, learn the intention of their presence, and if necessary, prevent what ever goal lies ahead of their opponent.

OOC Info: Players will most likely begin their stories alone, members of the town in whichever capacity fits their background and pleasure the most. From there the world will begin to unfold and each member will have the ability to join with others as they see fit, or in some cases, they may choose to attempt to go it alone. Though I would suggest the group works together, it is possible to have a renegade here and there, so do not feel confined to make a perfect team player, but do make someone that other players will be able to enjoy the game with. This should be read as "Strong headed individuals welcome: Isolationist asshats need not apply."

Applications: Character applications should include, at the least, a proper name of the character, gender, race, and class; this is the basic of what your character is mechanically. Also requested for your character are a short history explaining how you came to be where you are, a physical description of your character and appearance (a picture is nice too), and a summary of the personality you intend to play. Once you have all of this worked out, flesh out the final character sheet and post it as well. Applications without this information will be considered incomplete and not reviewed for acceptance to game.

Mechanics: Characters should be created at 3rd level; this is the general starting point for all players. Seeing as how Bleach is a very high energy, high capability game, we will be upping the values. Character attributes will be built from 48 points! There are still six basic attributes for this game, but also a seventh stat specific to the Bleach world; the Spiritual Energy Pool. Players will be purchasing this stat to tell what kind of spiritual presence your character has. Higher results represent a larger pool of spiritual power, as well as a greater growth rate of energy in higher levels.

Note: If anything is missing in this summary I will add it for reference. I may have missed something, as I am by no means perfect. If there is an obvious error, please inform me and I will address it. Do keep a watch for any updates here, though. Some things may change because of human error or unforeseen game issues.

Update 1: Forgot to mention the specific system in use. We are, in fact, using the current release of Bleach d20 which can be found here. See, told you guys I'm not perfect.

Update 2: Spoke with one of the people working on the game. We have been asked if we'd be interested in trying out a new mechanics system for point buy. I will be updating this in a post on the game forum and in the description above. Please bare with me while I update all this information for review.

28 December, 2011

Update 3: Have changed the mechanics of character creation. All attributes, including SEP, are based on Point Buy System of 48 points. The cost for SEP rating can be found in the Out of Character sub-board of this game.

Update 4: Fluff content is changing! I have realized the massive power level difference between this game and most of the rest of d20 that I have played. I had noticed a shift, but the level of that shift had been eluding me until just recently as I began comparing specific abilities and the true rate of character growth. That said, please feel free to complete your character at level 3. Please feel free to plan out what your character's Shikai is. Please be aware that you will not have unlocked it at the start of game. I know, this seems like a drastic blow. I want characters to have at least a part of their growth with the Zanpakuto as the game is starting. It will be obtained, it will not be kept from you, but it is something I want each player to experience, not just "have experienced."

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