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Welcome to the Golden Wing, one of the best-known freelancer ships in all the world! Based out of Ropoldi, the Golden Wing has been flying for ten years, and has built a reputation as a reliable and capable mercenary ship. Now, the Wing's been hired for one of its biggest jobs yet -- a mission from one of the Ropoldi Council of Nine.

Captain Stistys is a Krekonian who still hasn't outgrown his wanderlust age. He's nearing 40 but he's still as hale and hearty as any Krekonian ten years younger. He's been captain of the Wing for ten years now. Stistys is a laid-back, easygoing Krekonian who bought the ship specifically to travel the world. He doesn't like to stay in one port for long, and is constantly on the lookout for new jobs that require the Wing to fly off. He's very likable, but it sometimes seems like he has ADHD because he always wants to be moving.

First Mate Darrok is a Ropoldi who's been traveling with Stistys for longer than any current crewman knows. He's a good balance to Stistys. Where Stistys is energized and on the move, Darrok is grounded and tries to yank Stistys back down to earth when the Captain starts flying too far away. He loves the constant travel, the chance to see new things, but he is more tempered than his captain. Stistys still does what he wants most of the time, but Darrok makes a solid voice of reason.

Stistys and Darrok are calling on you, the members of their crew, to come on this big mission!

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