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Driving through Louisiana on your trip to ...(insert your destination here)... winds started to howl and you hear on the radio that a hurricane is coming you decide to bunker down in Lafayette in a little bar down one of the streets downtown (name to be determined later)....because in Louisiana they have parties during hurricanes....

The lights flicker on and off for the better part of the also happens to be festival Internationale which means even more partying is going on than usual....There is still a crowd of people at the festival even though it's raining when the lights go out....

then it happens somebody or something stumbles through the doors and takes a bite out of the first person it reaches....the mobs beat on it each getting bit at some point or another until the bar owned takes a shot at the things does NOT go down...the bar owner takes one last shot at the creatures head and brings the thing down...

This is where you begin.....

Character Creation
All characters start out as Norms

Attributes: 16 points
Qualities(listed as merits on NWoD character sheets): 10
Drawbacks(listed as Flaws): Up to 10
Skills: 26 + 3 points per intelligence
Life= Con + Str x 4 + 10
Endurance = Con + Str + Will x 3 + 5
Speed = Con + Dex x 2 mph

Things required:
Some Character background and any background that may be prevailant to the game
Where were you going
List of items in your car that you normally carry
Items you always have with you


Constitution = Stamina
Willpower = Wits
Perception = Resolve


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