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The Deep Waters of Dybeol

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Sunset Lady Lost with All Hands!

...Just over a week ago, Isaac Walsh's fishing boat, the Sunset Lady set out from Dybeol Harbor to begin another journey of prosperous fishing in his favorite hunting grounds north of Squall Isle. They were expected to be out for four days, but when the fourth day came and went, and then the fifth, people began to wonder. Now, Alderman Lorlock has officially declared the Sunset Lady lost at sea with all hands. Eight men were aboard her when she was lost. We have learned that Alderman Lorlock is calling for an official investigation...

Everyone knows the waters are dangerous and boats are often lost. Was the incident a hapless sea accident? If so, why are some powerful people pushing for a deeper investigation, and why are some of those same people casting a baleful glance at the Chapel of Deep Waters? Why, too, do the people and clergy of the Chapel of Deep Waters point the finger beyond Dybeol's borders to the economic machinations of House Sand? And why, for the Maker's sake, will the people just not let go of the legend of the kraken for crying out loud? There has always been, and always will be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the tragedies at sea...

The Dark Cloud of Dybeol seems to be hanging low of late, indeed.

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