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Outbreak: An Episodic Zombie & Supernatural RP
Starting Date: 10th January
Players Requested: 3-5


Sometime around early 2010, a pandemic began to spread across the world. It was resistant to nearly all treatments, and the mortality rate was exceptionally high. The virus was known as the Nightmare Plague in relation to its symptoms of delusion and madness that was common in all cases before a high fever spiked, followed by necrosis of various parts of the body before finally finishing with a fatal Extreme Polycythaemia Vera ~ thickening of the blood to such an extent that it becomes jelly-like. Without a method of treatment and rapid onset of symptoms in patients the pandemic was able to spread, unchecked, and unstoppable. Humanity was pushed to crisis point as sickness prevailed, affecting the young, old, animals, birds, wildlife, sick and healthy, destroying communities, ending lives, devastating continents.

It took 12 months and 70% of the world's population but at the start of the New Year of 2011, a medicine was made to counter the virus, but had caused considerable loss of life. It went down in history as being the second coming of the black plague of old. People did what they do best, and recovered as best as they can, slowly.

The global economy was destroyed in it's entirely and some countries, without a word of communication and a lack of manpower to investigate were presumed to be just landmasses of dead from the sickness. Governments where barely keeping control from the various cults believing that the Nightmare Plague was divine punishment for man's sin and greed and that these where the end times. In a few of the major cities and only where martial law prevailed were people safe.

However, the cure didn't destroy the cells; it mutated them, rendering them unable to attack the healthy tissue. In layman's terms it was like breaking a changing the shape of a key so it would no longer turn a lock. Over the space of a year, rumours of isolated incidents began to pop up over the world involving once healthy people going mad, attacking people indiscriminately, but feeling no pain, necrosis of various limbs. Was this to be second coming of the Nightmare Plague?


Players of all skill and experience welcome!

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